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WLG Week 1 Return


WEEK 1 Newsletter


We love that you are back with the crew. Since you've done Get up to Five before your focus will have changed as you come back this time. For some of you it will be about going faster, for others it will be about getting more comfortable with continuous running, and for others it's just about keeping moving with your mates. 

Over the next 8 weeks we are aiming to help you take that next step forward in your growth. Bring it on! 



  • Monday 2 September, 6.10am
    Meeting Point: Waitangi Park (Herd Street end, in the playground), Click here
    Course Map: Click here

  • Wednesday 4 September, 6.10am
    Meeting Point: Waitangi Park (Herd Street end, in the playground), Click here
    Course Map: Click here 

  • Saturday 7 September, 7:30am
    Meeting Point: Shorland Park, Island Bay click here
    Course Map: Click here

    Course Description:
    All roads are open, please stick to the road rules 100%. Your safety is your own responsibility.

  • After your strength circuit - we will walk down pathway to The Esplanade.
    *start your watches once you have crossed over and are on the waterfront pathway*

  • Cross over The Esplanade carefully and turn right running towards Owhiro Bay.

  • Continue along the waterfront pathway until half time on your watch. At half time - turnaround and run back to Shorland Park - taking care to cross back over The Esplanade carefully. 

  • At half way on your watches, turnaround and reverse the course back to the start/finish.

Click on image to enlarge (Saturday's session)


Download your Programme

Download the programme (.xlsx file)
Download the programme (pdf file)

There are 4 different levels you can choose from, as you have done the programme before you will be likely to be looking at the Advanced or Return programme. We have specifically designed the 'Return' programme for you guys, this programme starts with a lot more continuous running and by the end of the programme you will have run 8k and you'll be doing a little bit of faster running as well.

The last run of this programme will be your 5k run day. The idea is that you will improve your run from your previous final 5km. By the end of this programme you will be ready for Club10k. 

To access the different levels in the excel spreadsheet - click on the tabs with titles at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

Strength Circuit

Like last time, our coach will take you through a 20minute strength circuit at the beginning of your session but this time you will be doing the circuit in Weeks 1-6. 
Note: In week's 4-6 the circuit changes slight to become more condensed and more power-based. Remember to please bring a mat with you.
Please take a look at the clip below to remind yourself of the exercises. 

REminder of How the Sessions Work

Roll Calls: 
As you know we always start on time, so when you arrive, please "check in" with the coach taking the Get up to Five roll call just so we can get in touch if you miss a couple of sessions in a row to make sure you are ok ;o)

Strength Circuit:
We do the strength circuit in Weeks 1-6. It will change in Weeks 4-6 where it will be slightly condensed and more power work. As normal, our coaches will take you through the strength circuit at the beginning of your session. 

Jog Section: 
All of your sessions are 'out and back' runs. On your programme the "turnaround time" is stated for each session, you will run in one direction for that time then turnaround and come back. Remember to bring a watch (and one that you can see!) to every run.

Key Bag:
We have a key bag for your car keys and will look after these for you during the session. Any other gear that you bring is your responsibility, we did have some gear stolen once, so if you leave gear at the meeting point, make sure it is gear that you wouldn’t mind losing just in case.  

We will take you through stretches at the end of your session then you are free to go!

  • Shower Facilities:
    If you need shower facilities after your session during the week you can use the showers at Freyberg Pool just next door to Waitangi Park. The cost is $3 per visit. Click here for location of Freyberg Pool.

  • We have a lot of new faces joining us and they are nervous - as you are an Extra Mile Runner and you know what we are all about, please give them a lovely welcome ;o)

  • Please bring a headlamp to the sessions, the mornings are still dark at the start, so this is for your safety so you can see - but also be seen!

  • Please check your shoes!
    Shoes are the tool of the runners have to have good shoes for this journey you are about to start. Shoe Clinic are our local shoe fitting specialists, who will ensure you have the right footwear for your journey ahead. They know their stuff and offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if you’re not 100% happy with your shoes.

  • Please be prepared for all types of weather!  Layers are a good idea, a windbreaker jacket and a towel in the car in case it is wet.  Please remember to bring a mat to the session.

  • Our journey begins, we can wait to watch your progress over the next 8 weeks.

'Keep the chart on the fridge. Tick off each day as you achieve. Be proud to tell people.' - Pauline Sullivan

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