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WLG Club10k - Week 6


WEEK 6 Newsletter


You are getting closer!

We are getting close to the completion of this goal and the belief in yourself is growing.

What the coaching team is loving is that you are now starting to explore how to get faster and stronger. This is a different direction from just trying to complete a distance. You guys are athletes, we love it! 

This Week's Sessions

  1. Starting at the carpark, we follow the pathway towards the Hutt River all the way along.

  2. In McEwan Park, take the 3rd pathway on your left and run up towards Marine Parade.

  3. At Marine Parade, cross over carefully and via right to continue along the pathway beside the river.

  4. At Waione Street, turn left. The 4km marker (furthest marker on the course) will be along Waione Street.

For our beginners it is about getting the distance done. For our Intermediate level and advanced - this is a time trial. We want you to push yourselves on this session, it's not a cruisey run.

For those of you who have done this 8km in the last group, if you recorded your time for this 8km take a look at it and aim to improve on it this time. 

Click on image to enlarge


Those of you who started with Get up to Five will notice that our focus in Club10K has moved on from just completing the sessions to introducing intensity and a bit of speed work. The coaches are now starting to teach you about how to improve your speed.

When it comes to improving your speed through your movement as a runner the 2 key physical areas which are important to focus on are stride length and stride rate. 

  • Stride length is the distance your legs will go on each foot fall. Different distances require different stride lengths, for example a sprinter stride length is longer than a marathon runner, but ultimately we should all be aiming to increase the distances of our stride length over time.

  • Stride rate is the number of steps you take, this is often measured per minute. If you look at good runners across all distances the stride rate tends to be around 180 footfalls per minute, for them the difference in speed comes from their stride length.

Take note of your turnover. We are aiming for the blue rhythm in this image. Shorter steps and higher turnover.

Take note of your turnover. We are aiming for the blue rhythm in this image. Shorter steps and higher turnover.

Different runners need to focus on improving different areas. If you feel you have a short stride length you can aim to lift your feet higher as they kick back behind you and then bring your knees up more as you bring the knee forward (remember to always maintain your posture and to try to land your feet under your hips).

Watch the video below of Mirinda Carfrae who is the fastest female Ironman runner in the world. 


If you are trying to improve your stride rate measure how many steps you take in 1 minute. Time yourself for 1 minute and count how many steps you take. If you are well below 180 spend some time practicing improving your footfall by by 5-10%. For example if you are taking 150 steps per minute aim to improve this by 5-15 steps. 

While improving stride length and stride rate are great ways to help get faster we don't want to create too much change too quickly. If you create massive change in your movement quickly you hugely increase your risk of injury. Instead of focusing on this all the time, aim to focus on it for around 2-3mins a couple times in your easier sessions each week. This small change in awareness will create the adjustments you need in a safe way. 

While this advice is important make sure you talk to a coach about where you need to improve. We want to make sure you focus on the correct adjustments based on your movement. 

Here's a good story about a marathon pacer taking it all the way. 

Next Programmes:

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 7.47.49 AM.png

Next Programmes - the last one for 2019!

Some of you have been asking about the next groups start date, our next Get up to Five and Club10k programmes start 28 October (the week following your final run) and these are the last teams for 2019!

Keep an eye out in your Inbox on Thursday 17 October, as we will be sending you a special deal for those of you wanting to continue on and register for our next programmes (both Get up to Five and Club10k).

We would love to see you back, help you keep your habit of running up and see you take your running to the next level as we head towards Christmas!!

    After your Final Run we would love to catch up with you for coffee at Poneke on Clyde Quay Wharf. Click here
    No need to RSVP, just turn up from 8.45am!

  • You are doing so well - the way you are supporting each other is awesome to see. Keep it up team!

'Keep coming to the sessions even if you have to walk because of tiredness.'

– Ange Soper

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