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WLG Club10k - Week 2


WEEK 2 Newsletter

consistency is key

This week's sessions have been great, it is so good to see so many of you step up to Club10k - well done.

Just a reminder about the strength exercises you do within the circuit at the start of each session, it's important that you get your technique right from the start, remember don't compromise technique for speed. If this is your first time doing these sessions, take your time in these first couple of weeks to get the exercises correct. As we progress and you get stronger, then you can lift the intensity.



  • Monday 9 September, 6.10am
    Meeting Point: Waitangi Park (Herd Street end by the playground) Click here 

  • Wednesday 11 September, 6.10am
    Meeting Point: Waitangi Park (Herd Street end by the playground) Click here
    Course Map: Click here

  • Saturday 14 September, 7:30am
    Meeting Point: Frank Kitts Park, Wellington CBD
    Course Map: Click here
    Parking Note: The Council charge for parking from 8am within the CBD. We have checked with the Council and if you pay at 7.30am, then your parking will count from 8am.

Course Description:
All roads are open, please stick to the road rules 100%. Your safety is your own responsibility.

  • Starting at Frank Kitts Park, run down to the waterfront and turn right - follow the waterfront all the way along towards Waitangi Park.

  • Always take the pathway closest to the water.

  • Run past Waitangi Park (waterfront side) and onto Oriental Parade.

  • Continue along Oriental Parade, out and back course for all (come back in exactly the same direction).

  • KM Markers out: 3km, 3.5km, 5km, all on Evans Bay Parade

  • Please stay left on the pathways and be aware of other users of the pathway.

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When we designed Club10k the key was to introduce intensity into the programme. The benefits of intensity in your training is massive for a couple of reasons:

1. When our body has to train at a higher level of intensity it has a positive training effect on our physiology. With the heart and muscles working at a higher level your body has positive stresses put on it which causes it to create change to adapt. This intensity helps to deliver better results in many different areas. 

2. When you train with intensity you are developing your mental strength. Some people think mental strength is something that you are born with but it's not. Like any skill, mental strength is a learned behaviour and it is something that is developed over time through experiencing and overcoming the correct level of adversity based on your current ability. Developing this strength has many benefits but one of the best ones is that it creates a strong belief in what you can achieve. 

So while intensity is great for you and your body there are some key things we need to be aware of in the programme:

  • Learn to work at the right intensity. At first you may go too hard or not hard enough but with experience and feedback from the coaches you will start to understand the level you should be working.

  • While the intensity sessions are more challenging you still need to feel they are achievable. If you find they aren't you need to back off.

  • Try to 'learn yourself'. In the interval session we want to help you learn strategies that will make you successful under adversity. Each time you are feeling outside your comfort zone think of what you are doing mentally and physically to create success and then try to duplicate and evolve your success formular. Intensity has so much value to it but we can't have it scaring you off from training.

Remember that you are learning this and it's ok to take things easy if you are finding it too tough, it is all about figuring it out over the coming weeks.

How we see ourselves changes throughout our lives. When people first get into exercise they often still see themselves as a non athlete but as time goes on their identity changes. You may not see it yet but one day you will wake up and you'll identify yourself as a runner. If you watch this clip and can identify with it maybe you can start to think of yourself as a runner sooner than you think.

  • Consistency is key team - keep turning up to the sessions, once you are there we will look after you. 

  • In the video seminar we talked about how important it is to get to the physio asap if you have soreness that you feel is serious. If you need a recommendation of physio ask us.

  • Remember to bring your watch to every session.

  • If you aren't on our Facebook page yet make sure you get on there. This way you guys can keep in touch with each other, here's the page

'Listen to your body, don't be afraid to stop and stretch.' - Anna Dick

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