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This Week's Run:

  • Meeting Point: Fendalton Park Entrance off 1 Kotare St Christchurch (map)

It was back to the track last Saturday, you worked hard, it was a tough session. 

It was awesome to see our RaceTeam Epic crew back after their half marathon last weekend, Karen G is back after a couple of months away, we welcomed Sarah along for the very first time (well done!), and many of you have joined RaceTeam starting this the legs will get used to these track sessions very shortly!.

Lance and Kate kept each other honest with some good friendly competition and for many of you this was your first track session with Saturday Runners. Everyone looked pretty happy when it was all over - a good test of fitness. 

This Week's Run: Saturday 27 September

Course Map: Click here

Programme Options:
Beginner: 5km, 6km or 8km 
Intermediate: 10km
Advanced: 12km or run to time up to 90mins. 
Course Description: click here for course image 

  • Run through Fendalton Park to Fendalton Road and turn right.
  • Run along Fendalton Road to Mona Vale stopping at each pedestrian crossing and use lights to cross over. Turn right into Mona Vale. 
  • Run through Mona Vale to Monavale and continue up to Kilmarnock Street. 
  • Turn left at Kilmarnock Street and run up to Hagley Park. Use pedestrian lights to cross over into Hagley Park. Once in the park turn LEFT and run around park towards Harpur Ave. 
  • Continue around the park - running on the footpath side of Park Terrace.
  • Follow the footpath all the way past the museum, past Antigua Boatsheds to Montreal Street.
  • Cross over the Montreal Street Bridge, turn right and run up Oxford Terrace towards hospital. 
  • At the Hospital use pedestrian lights to cross over into South Hagley. Follow pathway all the way around South Hagely to your turnaround time. 
  • If you get to the Riccarton Road roundabout, do not cross over, continue in South Hagley and run in between the parks. 
  • Out and back for all

This Week's Inspiration

A very interesting clip giving an insight into the minds of champion athletes, how they prepare for the biggest moment in their lives.  

This Week's News:  

Michelle, Fiona, Jenny and Rachel before the Christchurch Half June 2014.&nbsp;

Michelle, Fiona, Jenny and Rachel before the Christchurch Half June 2014. 

For those running to time this week, remember to bring your watches. 
Just a reminder when you arrive at the session please "check in" with the coach taking the Saturday Runners roll call. 

Spring is just around the corner team!  Have a great week, see you Saturday!

The Coaching Crew

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