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Saturday Runners - This Weeks Run





Last Saturday we were at Centennial Park and were tested by the conditions, but for our Saturday Runners who turned up - had a good session and a great start to your weekend.

Well done everyone.


Meeting Point: Barnett Park, Redcliffs
Run Route: Click here
Session Options: Session Options: 7km, 13km, 16km, 18km

Course Description:

  1. From Barnett Park, we run along Main Road to McCormacks Bay Road, turn left and run around McCormacks Bay Road.

  2. Follow our cones which will lead you onto Main Road. Cross over Mt Pleasant Road carefully!

  3. Follow Main Road all the way until the pedestrian lights - use the lights to cross over onto the Coastal Pathway. Run back towards Sumner direction.

  4. Continue along the Coastal Pathway until Beachville Road.

  5. At Beachville Road, turn left and follow the Coastal Pathway all the way until you come back out onto Main Road. Turn left. Continue along the waterfront to Sumner and to the Esplanade.

  6. The furthest marker is 9km, which will be on the Esplanade.

  7. KM markers out: 3.5km, 6.5km, 8km, 9km

  8. This is an out and back run - run to the half way marker, turnaround and reverse the course back to the finish.

    Please use the pedestrian lights to cross over in the 2 places indicated on the map below in both directions.

Click on image to enlarge


  • Just a reminder to please take care on our courses, always follow our course and only do the the distance options available at our sessions please.

Have a great week, see you soon!

The team at Extra Mile Runners. 

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