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RaceTeam - Week 6


WEEK 6 Newsletter


We have to say that we are impressed with how you are handling the Track and Pace sessions, they are tough and have been designed to push you both physically and mentally - you really are all doing well in these sessions.

We are just about to hit half way in the programme. Focus on one session at a time and get to the group sessions - every session will count when you are standing at the start line.

This week we have another early start on Monday (for the morning crew) and a 7.00am start on Saturday for everyone for your Race Day Practice session.  Please check out the session details below so you turn up at the right time! We also have your second 5km Time Trial this week, so a good chance to readjust your paces if needed for the second half of the programme.


  • Monday 14 October, 6.00am *Note early start time
    80 minute session
    Meeting Point: Netball Courts, hospital end, South Hagley Park
    Pace Session

  • Wednesday 16 October, 6.10am
    Meeting Point: Netball Courts, hospital end, South Hagley Park
    5km TT
    The same course as Week 1. Time yourselves and then use the Vdot to readjust your paces going forward if needed.


  • Tuesday 15 October, 5.40pm
    Meeting Point: Netball Courts, hospital end, South Hagley Park
    5km TT
    The same course as Week 1. Time yourselves and then use the Vdot to readjust your paces going forward if needed.

  • Thursday 17 October, 5.40pm
    80 minute session
    Meeting Point: Netball Courts, hospital end, South Hagley Park
    Pace Session


Saturday 19 October, 7.00am *Note early start time
Meeting Point: Hansen Park, (entrance off Hawford Road)
Course Map: Click here

Race Day Practice

This session is all about practicing your process for race day so once done it can be used as a blueprint for race day, things that worked and things that didn’t work for you. Here is a quick video to give you an overview of how to approach this session:

Course Description:
All roads are open, please always run on the footpath and take care at busy road crossings, your safety is your own responsibility. Please be aware of others using the park.

  • We will start you with a a warm up.

  • This is a 7km lap course. You will be running the course in an anti-clockwise direction. Each runner as an “out and back” section to start with.

  • After your out and back section (see below), start your laps.

  • Run down Fifield Tce following the river (on your left) all the way until Ensors Road - DO NOT CROSS OVER. Turn left, then first left into Riverlaw Tce. You are now on the other side of the river running back towards Hansen Park.

  • At Armstrong Ave, turn right and run up to Centaurus Road. Follow Centaurus Road straight ahead and all the way to Port Hills Road - there is a hill section within this part of the course.

  • At Port Hills Road, turn left and continue along until Grange St, turn left.

  • Run up Grange St until Aynsley Tce. Turn right.

  • Follow our cones that will cross you over a bridge and into Louisson Place - leading back into Hansen Park and back to the start point. This is one lap.

Programme Notes:
17.5km: Out and back to 1.75km marker then 2 laps of Main Course
20km: Out and back to 3km marker then 2 laps of Main Course
23km: Out and back to 1km marker then 3 laps of Main Course

Click on image to enlarge

Water Station

There will be 1 x water station on the course at the start/finish point. See map for location.


Reflection and goal setting

First of all, make sure you spend a bit of time this week reflecting on what you  have achieved so far. You have experienced some tough challenges over the last 5 weeks and everyone in the crew has shown amazing character. Keep up the good work. 

In the nutrition and race day planning seminar we covered nutrition and race strategy. Now is the time to start practicing this stuff. 

Rest Stratagies

In last week's newsletter we talked about good recovery strategies around nutrition and body - we want to now remind you about using good rest strategies. You are half way through the programme and your bodies have been working hard. 

We all lead busy lives, but try to get to bed on time, if you know you need 8 hours of sleep a night - then do everything you can to make that happen, other tips:

  • Don't play with your phone once in bed

  • Try to limit bright lights/devices with backlit surfaces when you are in bed

  • Have a calming hot drink before you hit the sack

  • Limit caffeine after a certain time of day if you know that can keep you awake

  • Sneak in a 15-20min nap over the weekend if you can

  • Have a relaxing bath if you are feeling anxious or have muscle soreness

  • Ask your partner or shout yourself a massage to help you deserve it!

All of these little things can help your body recover as the programme progresses from here. 

Mind Games for the Long Runs
We all know that our minds can make it tough for us when we face running challenges, in this article below there are some really good tips to help overcome the "head stuff" that comes with our long runs coming up. 

If you know that your "head" gets in the way sometimes, maybe write these on your arm before your long runs so you can remind yourself of areas to focus on when the going gets tougher. 

  • Queenstown Post Race Catch Up

    We have arranged a social function after the Queenstown race, all the details will be in the Week 8 newsletter. The function will be from 5.30pm - 7.00pm, we will be asking for RSVP’s from next week.

    A great chance for the team to catch up over a casual drink after the race and tell stories ;o)

'Keep coming to the sessions even if you need to take it easy because you have had a busy day and are tired'- Ange Soper

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