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RaceTeam - Return Week 7


WEEK 7 Newsletter


We are heading into the chunky part of the programme with your longest run coming up so at this stage of the programme, recovery is so important as is consistency. Stick to the programme team, once your longest run is completed the programme has not finished. If you want to be at the best of your ability come the Half Marathon, be consistent. 

This is your last opportunity to have a race day practice including pre-race day planning. 

Your team is behind you 100%!

Your team is behind you 100%!

Programme Note:

This week you have the last of your long Pace Sessions - so Monday morning crew you have your final 6am start and we have our last 7am start for everyone on Saturday. 




Saturday 26 October 7.00am * Note early start time
Meeting Point: South Hagley Park (Deans Ave side) Click here
Course Map: Click here

There are 2 sections to your run:

  • Section 1:
    All programme levels have an out and back section within South Hagley Park first (refer Programme Notes and Section 1 map below).

  • Section 2:
    After you have done Section 1, start your Main Course laps:

  • Run through the middle of the park towards the netball courts. At the end of the pathway turn left and run towards the hospital and up through the middle of the parks.

  • Continue around South Hagley to the Riccarton Road intersection. 

  • At the Riccarton Rd intersection, use the pedestrian lights to cross over into North Hagley Park and CONTINUE STRAIGHT. Run up to Kilmarnock St and use the pedestrian lights to cross over onto Kilmarnock St.

  • Run up Kilmarnock St to Mona Vale Ave, turn RIGHT.

  • Run up Mona Vale Ave, through Mona Vale, coming out onto Fendalton Rd. Turn RIGHT.

  • Run up Fendalton Road to Harpur Ave and use the pedestrian lights to cross over into Little Hagley Park.  Run through Little Hagley Park to the Bealey Ave intersection, use the pedestrian lights to cross over onto Park Tce. 

  • Stay on the footpath on Park Tce, run past Christs College and the Museum until you get to the bridge at the Antigua Boatsheds. 

  • At the Antigua Bridge, run over this bridge and towards South Hagley Park. Use the pedestrian lights to cross over into South Hagley Park. Continue straight. 

  • Run inside South Hagley Park towards the netball courts (the one you ran down at the start). Turn right and run up through the middle of South Hagley Park to the start/finish. 

  • 1 lap = 8.50km

    Programme Notes:
    Beginner (20km):
    Section 1: Out and back to 1.5km marker
    Section 2: 2 complete laps of Main Course

    Intermediate (23km):
    Section 1: Out and back to 3km marker
    Section 2: 2 complete laps of Main Course

    Advanced (26km):
    Section 1: Out and back to 4.5km marker
    Section 2: 2 complete laps of Main Course

Section 1 Course Map

Section 2 Course Map


Water Stations

There will be 2 x water stations on this course, see Section 2 course map for these locations:
1. Little Hagley Park
2. At Start/Finish

Water will be provided at these stations. Please carry any nutrition with you.


What is your personal challenge? 

Many of you have done RaceTeam several times, once you have achieved a goal of a half marathon once, it's hard replicate that experience, it is a pretty awesome achievement in itself but how do continue to find the motivation to push yourself?

The group environment is a great thing, but you also need to put some mental work in yourselves to find your own challenge, your own carrot that you are chasing to improve and perform at your best. 

You will have a goal you are chasing for this particular race. Whether it's a PB or whether your goal for this Raceteam has been to work on your nutrition, body care work or consistency, now is the time to refocus on this.

Take 10 mins and ask yourself some of these questions:

1. What have you done well so far?
2. Where can you improve?  
3. What are the habits that you know make you be consistent with your training and turn up to each session?
4. How are you going to work through to the end of this 10 weeks to the best of your ability?
5. Why are you doing this?
6. What is the goal you are going for?

Now is the time to put some time in and reflect and focus on that spark that gets you going, remind yourself why you are here, what your goal is and go for it. 

Here's a clip of Olympic champ Mo Farah talking about how he races.


Post Race Function

After the Queenstown race we have arranged a post race function at:

Barmuda Bar
3 Searle Lane, click here
Time: 5.30pm - 7.00pm
We have reserved the bar just for us for drinks and a catch up.

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'Keep coming to the sessions even if you need to take it easy because you have had a busy day and are tired'- Ange Soper

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