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RaceTeam - Return Week 2


WEEK 2 Newsletter

It's On!

It's great to have so many familiar faces back with the RaceTeam crew. Some of you are coming into it with a great running base and there are are those of you are just getting back into the swing of things.

If you are coming into this RaceTeam with a good base our advice is that you go for big intensity right from the start.

If you haven't done any intensity running for a while, we recommend that you don't push the intensity too hard for the first couple of weeks. Intensity is hard on your body so we want to make sure you have some good conditioning first..take it easy for the first couple of weeks. 

PACE GUIDE & VDOT Calculator

Screen Shot 2017-09-13 at 8.23.17 AM.png

The VDOT Calculator will give you an idea of your minute/km pace you should be running at in your Pace Sessions (refer to your programme). Remember that this isn't an exact science, if you have a GPS watch keep track of your min/km times and if you feel that these paces are too challenging or too easy use your breathing as a gauge.  

Enter in your 5km time and the App will calculate your paces for 10km, 5km, and race pace. Swipe (right to left x 2) across to find your per min/km pace for each of these.

Apple App
Android App

If you don’t have a GPS watch which gives you your pace, use “perceived exertion” - how you feel ie:

Easy Running:
Easily hold a conversation, breathing easily - “gossip pace”.

Race Pace:
More difficult to hold a conversation but could still talk, slightly heavier breathing.

10km pace: 
Can’t hold conversation, concentrating and pushing self but not extremely hard.

5km pace:
Can’t talk, heavy breathing, focused and really pushing yourself .

All Out:
Running as fast as you can.




Course Description:
All roads are open, please run on the footpath at all times and stick to the road rules please! Your safety is your own responsibility.

  • From Barnett Park, we run along Main Road to McCormacks Bay Road, turn left and run around McCormacks Bay Road.

  • Follow our cones which will lead you onto Main Road. Cross over Mt Pleasant Road carefully!

  • Follow Main Road all the way until the pedestrian lights - use the lights to cross over onto the Coastal Pathway. Run back towards Sumner direction.

  • Continue along the Coastal Pathway until Beachville Road.

  • At Beachville Road, turn left and follow the Coastal Pathway all the way until you come back out onto Main Road. Turn left.

  • Continue along the waterfront to Sumner, run towards Cave Rock and onto the the beachside Esplanade (the 9km marker is on the Esplanade).

    Beginner Programme 13km - Out and back to 6.5km marker (easy jog)
    Intermediate Programme 16km* - Out and back to 8km marker
    Advanced Programme 18km* -  Out and back to 9km marker

    *Intermediate and Advanced programmes - you have pace work within your run, refer to your programme.

Click on image to enlarge


TEchnique Tips: TraCk Sessions

In the track sessions, there are a couple of things we need to think about:

The intensity gauge: As you are building your pace each want to look at your paces on your watch, stop your watch after each set and try to improve on your average pace each set. 

Technique under intensity:
As we get tired, our form drops. So be mindful that when you start to get tired in these sessions think:
1. Posture (eyes up)
2. Chest lifted
3. Relaxed upper body
4. Cadence*

Using mental cues can help us be more efficient when things start to get a little tough. Remember, if you are new to intensity running then just take it easy in the first couple of weeks to figure this stuff out.

Remember the magic number of 180 when we look at cadence?
Where are you sitting right now? Maybe it's time to do a test on yourself over 1 minute and count your footfalls - are you close to 180 footfalls per minute?

What does 180 bpm sound like?
This is the optimum footfalls per minute we are aiming for. If you are running around 160-170 footfalls per minute, try downloading music with a slight increase (ie: 165 bpm or 175 bpm) you are aiming for and put on your ipod and practice running in time to this.

We work so hard to enjoy that one moment, that finish line feeling.  

  • On Time Starts
    You know that we always start on time! Please make sure you are at the sessions a few minutes early so you can "check in" for roll call and hear the session briefing.

  • Consistency is key team..get to the sessions. 

  • A reminder about the Club10k and RaceTeam private Facebook group - it’s a great place to connect with your team: Click here to request access (we will respond within 24hrs).

  • Well done in getting through the first week. You are doing great!

'Have a gear bag that stays in your car for those unexpected moments..vaseline, bandaids, warm clothes, a towel, emergency coffee a good girl guide and always be prepared!.' - Jennifer

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