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Our Philosophy

Fun. Growth. Community. It's that simple. We believe that to be successful at any activity or sport, these 3 things must be part of the experience. 

We have built a community around running, when you join Extra Mile Runners you don't just start running, you start building relationships based around shared experiences in an environment where you are growing with others. 

As with anything in life, if it's fun and enjoyable we are more likely to stick at it - so we have a few laughs along the way, our team are an awesome group of people, we believe one of the best teams in the country, they all come from a place of caring and all want you to be successful. 

Our programmes have been designed to take the runner through the different levels - beginner right through to advanced..not just physical growth but self growth and mental growth. 

We look forward to working with you on your running journey. 

Extra Mile Runners - Fun. Growth. Community.

Extra Mile Runners - Fun. Growth. Community.

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