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Get up to Five Wellington

What you Need

We are getting close to the beginning of our training together. Here is a quick list of the key things that you will need to bring with you to the sessions:


Your shoes are the tool of trade when we are walking or jogging. If it's been a while since you have changed your training shoes here are a couple of checks you can do to see if they will still be ok: 

  • Twist your shoes from top to bottom, they should feel firm. If they twist easily they may not have enough support.

  • If your soles are worn down it's a good sign that they need replacing.

  • If it's been years since you have bought a pair of training shoes, now is a good time to invest in a new pair.

  • If you are going to get a new pair go to a shoe store that does foot analysis - remember, the prettiest/coolest looking shoes may not be the best ones for your feet! We highly recommend the team at the Shoe Clinic, they go through a fitting process with you and also offer a 30 day money back guarantee. These guys know their stuff. They make sure you get a pair that suits your unique foot shape. Spend a few days wearing you new shoes in by wearing them around the house or any time you are going to be on your feet. Shoe Clinic has stores in Willis Street, Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt.

  • If you feel you need to see a podiatrist we recommend the team at Resonance Podiatry, located at Capital Sports Medicine:
    Phone: 04 499 5732
    Location: Level 5, 187 Featherston Street

We can’t stress enough how important good shoes are!

Training Gear

While we hope the weather gods deliver beautiful sunny days for every session we have to be prepared for all different types of weather.

Here's some of the training gear you will need:

  • A towel or mat for the body weight circuit exercises, some of which are done on the ground.

  • Head lamp for dark mornings**

  • While it's ok to train in normal clothes, having some clothes that are designed for sports training will help to keep you warm and comfortable when you are running. These don't have to be expensive, just look for sports fabric and warm layers.

  • Good wind breaker/training jacket will come in handy.

  • Summer groups: Sunscreen, sun visor/cap

  • Winter Groups: Beanie, gloves, thermal layers

  • It's a good idea to have warm clothes and a towel in the car for straight after training.

    ** During the autumn and winter months when the mornings are dark, this is a “must have” item due to safety reasons, we need you to see - but also to be seen!

Other Items

There are just a couple more things that you will need for training success:

  • Because we'll be doing timed walking sets you need to have a watch. This can be a cheap one, all you need is the stopwatch function on it and a big display so you can see it.

  • Always bring a full water bottle to every session.

That's pretty much all you'll need over the next 8 weeks. If you do have any questions about this feel free to get in touch!

It's not long now and you'll be taking the first step in your journey towards running 5km. 

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