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Lots of Questions



1. Will Get up to Five work for my age?
Get up to Five is designed for anyone between the ages of 16-65 (we've even had people in their 70's achieve the goal of running 5km with us). Because this is an absolute beginner runners programme, that safely incorporates exercise at the right level and intensity for a beginner, it means we are able to help people of all ages.

2. What exercise should I be doing before I join Get up to Five?
We designed Get up to Five for someone that has not had any exercise in their life before - or who has been away from it for a long time. The Get up to Five programme has 3 levels to choose from:  Beginner: for someone who is brand new to exercise or running, or who may have had injuries in the past; Intermediate: for someone who is reasonably active, they may have been doing to some walking or light biking up to the start of the programme; Advanced: For someone who may already have an exercise routine but it isn't based around running eg: they may go to a gym but is reasonably new to running.

3. I won't be able to make every session over the 8 weeks, is this a problem?
We find that most people will miss somewhere around 10-15% of the sessions over the 8 weeks of the programme. We all have lives and sometimes things come up which take us away from being able to make every single session. The key thing we reinforce is that you want to aim to get the sessions done by yourself when you can't make the group sessions, being consistent and creating the habit and routine will help you physically and mentally. What's great about Get up to Five is that you do find another level of motivation when you know you have a supportive group waiting for you ;o)

4. I won't be able to make the Introduction Seminar, what will I miss?
The Introduction Seminar is very valuable and will help settle any nerves or anxiousness you may feel about starting the programme, you will get a lot out of it - but we understand that you may have prior commitments, so for those who are unable to make it we send out a video version of the seminar the Sunday evening before the programme starts. This will ensure you still get all of the important information you need before you start training. 

5. When are where are the sessions?
You can find all the information about the session locations and times by clicking here.

6. If I commit to a certain session time when I register eg. morning sessions, can I swap to evenings?
We do ask our runners to commit to the session time they register for as we allocate our coaches based on the group size at each session. In saying that if you can't make a morning session during a particular week, we are happy for you to go to the evening session - we want you to be successful so we can accommodate this. 

7. What do I need to bring to a session?
You need to bring water, a mat or towel for the body weight circuit exercises, appropriate running gear a watch and yourself! It's a good idea to check the weather forecast the day before the run to make sure you bring the appropriate clothing. Sunscreen, hats and warm clothes are essential - as we all know, Christchurch weather can be unpredictable at times.

8. What happens if it rains?
Rain does not stop us! We actually find that these sessions can be the most rewarding ones. We train in all kinds of weather. In the unlikely event of a snow blizzard keep an eye on your email as we'll contact you that way - as well as posting on our Extra Mile Runners Facebook page. 

9. What happens if I get injured?
We have designed Get up to Five to be the safest/wisest way to achieve the goal of running 5km. However, injuries can occur, so if you do get and injury during Get up to Five we will refund the amount you paid less the weeks you attended (or part thereof) and a $25 admin fee. For example if you have to withdraw due to injury after week 4 and you paid $279 you would receive $114.50 back. 

10. Why will I love Get up to Five?
If you are looking for a supportive environment that has amazing coaches and team mates to achieve this goal you are in the right place. Get up to Five is a system of training that builds your confidence and physical ability by creating wins. These wins allow you to grow in so many ways. At the end of the journey you get to run 5km, that's a moment that you will remember forever! 

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