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Long Testimonials

Libby Hilder

Hi, my name is Libby and I’m a Raceteam addict.  Let me tell you about my journey.  I’m an average person.  Let me explain that, I don’t have long legs, nor am I very skinny and I don’t come from a strong sporty background, I am just Jo average person. I enjoyed taking my dog for a walk and did a few cycle classes.

After the 2011 earthquakes, I joined a club called Saturday Runners.  I knew a couple of people from the gym but honestly, I didn’t know their names, more the sort of person you just gave a nod to and smile.  Bevan made us get to know everyone and talk to someone new each session, which was hard at first but then it became second nature.   I really enjoyed this and decided that I would sign up for a Raceteam and complete a ½ marathon.  I thought I was mad, my friends thought I was mad and others that I joined up with thought that we were all mad.  The coaches helped us through with technique and strength training and got us to the start line.  I finished my first half in 2.28min (you want to remember that time).  It got a little ugly at the end but a wise man once said, if it was easy, then everyone would do it.

I was now hooked, mainly because of the supportive environment.  In a moment of craziness I decided to do another Raceteam – so the training begins again.  Again the coaches were fantastic, working on speed and distance and most importantly, the thing that causes most people to fail, that thing between our ears, the head game.  There would be the odd Saturday when we were on a longer run and I would think, I can’t do this, I want to stop, I’m not a runner.  99% of the time, a coach normally would appear right at that time and talk to you, get you back on track and make you mentally stronger.

I just completed my 6th ½ Marathon on the Gold Coast and did it in a time of 2.10.  The last 3k was hard but the training both physical and mental got me across the line.  That is a saving of 18minutes from my first ½ in December 2011.

If you have a goal or even just want to meet new people come and join Raceteam.  We are a great bunch of people who enjoy coffee and the odd wine as well.  Come and introduce yourself when you start.  I’m Libby and I’m a Raceteam addict.

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