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'If you want to take your running to the next level this programme is for you.' 

  1. The Intermediate distances range between 8-16km. 
  2. This could be your one key sessions for your weekly training. 
  3. A big part of what we do is creating a social atmosphere. Every week we catch up for coffee after the run, some would say it's the best part of the run. We will also be putting on some social events through out the year. Saturday Runners is a great place to meet like minded people who enjoy training and having fun together. You could even bring a friend and use it as weekly catch up session.
  4. If you need need motivation this will getting you firing again!


Saturday Runners is designed to help you experience some of Christchurch's most beautiful runs and also challenge you in fun ways that help you to find your next level. So sometimes we will have a session that will be a challenge, some examples are: 

Track Sessions:
These sessions are aimed at increasing your run fitness. We will set up a track using cones at the session location and the coach will take you through the session. Our coach stands in the middle of the track and calls out what you need to do at what time, for example: you may need to push the intensity for 2mins then recover for 2mins, sprint for 1min, recover for 1 min etc.  There are always levels for different abilities..these sessions are great at pushing you beyond your normal intensity.

5km or 10km race: 
Always a good challenge and for some reason this session often brings out the best in our runners! 

Predict Your Time:
We give you the distances and then you have to predict how long it will take you to complete your distance. 

The Hill Rep Challenge:
One a 2km course you have to do as many laps as you can in a set time.  

These challenge sessions keep it interesting for your running and it also helps you grow more. If you have any questions about our challenges feel free to email us. 


So what are you waiting for? Take the step that takes you running to the next level, helps you gain more knowledge and where you get to share some wicked experiences with a cool bunch of people! 

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