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Have you been here before? 

Have you looked at joining Get up to Five in the past but something has stopped you? 

I thought about joining Get up to Five for over a year, in the end I plucked up the courage and did it. Now that I’ve run 5km I wished I hadn’t waited so long. Get up to Five is amazing!
— Jo Scant

Is it Time to start your fitness journey? 

The first step of joining is the hardest part, after that you become part of a team that is
100% there to help you  

Can you relate to Sue?

Sue wanted to get fit and saw an ad for Get up to Five on the internet. When she first saw the ad there was a little spark inside her that thought 'this is for me'. It looked like Get up to Five was doing a great job of getting people like her to achieve some amazing fitness goals. The more she read about Get up to Five the more it looked like the perfect fit for her. The team had proven success with people like her, the testimonials were inspirational, the training environment looked fun and there seemed to be plenty of support.

Everything Sue saw told her to join but when the moment come to click 'Join Now' a barrier came up, let's call this the 'what if' barrier. What if I'm the slowest? What if they are all extremely fit people? What if I don't have the right gear? What if it's like my other fitness experiences where I've signed up and given up?. This 'what if' barrier was too strong and Sue decided not to join Get up to Five. 

'We know Sue's story well'

Sue's story is one that we at Extra Mile Runners know well because eventually Sue overcame her 'what if' barriers and joined Get to to Five and she shared this with us. But Sue isn't the only person who has had the same experience.

Many of the people who have joined Get up to Five and have run their 5km overcame these 'what if' thoughts and tell us they are so glad that they did as they are now fitter and healthier.  

Sarah also overcame her 'what if's' and joined Get up to Five. From there she went on to achieve some amazing goals with Extra Mile Runners. Check out what Sarah has to say about her experiences: 


At Extra Mile Runners we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you turn up and discover this is not for you there will be no cost to you, we will refund your full payment (just to let you know, we are proud to say that no one has ever asked for this). 

'An amazing programme - coaches are genuine and lovely, there are no egos. Such a well run programme, loved that the group was full of real people like me'.

 - Denise Fastier

Now is your chance to overcome your 'what if's' and join the team that helps so many beginner exercises run 5km. 

'I didn’t tell anyone I had joined Get up to Five as I fully expected to pull out after the first couple of weeks. Running 5km was such an inconceivable and daunting task I really didn’t think I stood a chance but I put my trust in the programme and the coaches and just went with it. It was around Week 4 where something switched and I realised this was achievable and I was going to be able to do it, that’s when I started talking about it! I have come out of this with new friends, a new sense of pride, self belief and a real sense of achievement - so much more than I ever expected.' 

- Natasha Archer

We keep GETTING amazing Testimonials

With Every group we run we end up with so many amazing testimonials, this is because Get up to five works and our runners love it. By joining you could be sending us our next great TESTIMONIAL.

Here are some of our latest testimonials from people who took the first step of joining Get up to Five:  

Sabine Will

'Most of my friends are runners and I've always felt a bit like the lazy outsider that can't even run 10 metres. I ran 5km in my session today and would have never have thought I could get myself up to this. The group and the programme has helped so much and I feel very proud of myself.'

Lyn Scott

'I ran previously 30+ years ago. For the last four to five years I have wanted to run an event. Everytime I started I pushed myself too soon and ended up sore, and rapidly gave up. It was achievable and also really rewarding. The team was incredibly encouraging. Thank you.'

Elspeth Painter

'I am so happy that I found a group that is supportive and so much fun. I LOVE this programme, it is well paced and achievable for anyone. I have learnt that if I believe it, I can do it. I was worried that I would be too old and would get injured, but the programme is well designed to build up your strength gradually. I highly recommend Get up to Five.'

Michelle Hunter

'I really enjoyed the programme and found everyone very encouraging. As the programme progressed and we were running more and walking less it was a great feeling to realise I could actually run 5km. It was flattering to have the new Get up to Fivers telling me they admire what I am doing - that had never happened to me before.' 

don't wait, make now your time to get fit and healthy

In two just over 2 months from now you can be running 5km, don't wait any longer,
it's time to put yourself first. 

If you make this choice you'll be fitter, healthier, meet like minded people in a fun environment, you'll feel good about yourself, you'll build your confidence, have fun experiences, and you'll be able to run 5km! The choice is obvious, make it for yourself. 

Click here if you want to find out more about how Get up to Five works. We also have an FAQ page which answers a lot of common questions about this programme that you may want to check out. 

You can contact us at any time with any questions you have by clicking here

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