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Is it time for you to get out there and get moving? Have you always wanted to run but have been confronted by lots of reasons that have prevented you from getting off the couch and out the door? We know that for many this scenario is real. We understand that you need a supportive, fun and achievable environment to get you up and moving. The good news is that the team at Extra Mile Runners have proven programmes that have helped 1000's of people go from doing nothing to running 5k and then onwards to complete so many awesome goals. It all started with Get up to Five.  

It starts with Get up to Five

We know that the beginner runner has to believe that they can be successful from day one. That's why the 8 week Get up to Five programme is designed to be achievable from the very start, we then gradually build on your successes each week. Our team of top coaches have one focus - to help you be successful and achieve this goal, but we do so much more than just that. 

This will be the best move you make in 2015!

Here are the top 7 reasons to join Get up to Five. 

  • 24 group training sessions with people of similar ability to you.
  • Knowledgeable and supportive coaches at every session. 
  • 2 seminars that educate you; one before you start, the second in your final week. 
  • Weekly newsletters which provide education and inspiration. 
  • You will achieve amazing growth, get fitter and become healthier. 
  • You'll be part of a fun, inclusive environment and meet some awesome people, you will have laughs along the way. . 
  • We offer a 100% money back guarantee so what have you got to lose? 

'Amazing programme - coaches are genuine and lovely, there are no egos. Such a well run programme, love the newsletters'. - Denise Fastier 

Win a free entry to Get up to Five!

Sign up for more information about the Get up to Five programme and you will go in the draw to win a free registration.

When we designed our programmes we wanted to create a safe, realistic and achievable pathway where our people could go from doing nothing to running a Half Marathon - and we have done just that.

We have been able to help 1000's of people gain the benefits of being fit and healthy as well as the added bonus of helping them develop a like (and sometimes love!) of running. You could be the next! 

So many of our runners who started with Get up to Five have gone on to complete a Half Marathon with RaceTeam.

Get up to Five 

An 8 week programme where you go from nothing to running 5km. This walk/run programme is combined with a strength programme designed for the total beginner. Click here for more information


Once you have completed Get up to Five once or twice you go on to Club10k. From here you start to increase your running duration and intensity. Click here for more information


Once you have completed Club10k you are ready to train for a Half Marathon with RaceTeam. RaceTeam will get you to the finish line. Click here for more information

We could go on and on about why you will love Get up to Five but we know you may want to hear it from real people who have achieved the goal with us. Here are some testimonials from people who took the first step of joining Get up to Five:  

Kate Keenan

'Get up to Five has changed my life - I am now fitter, slimmer and healthier! Thank you so much.'

Jo Spillane

'An incredible programme that is deceptively simple but gets you up to 5km in 8 weeks - Wow!'

Alyce Turner

'Things I got from this programme; lots of motivation, self-belief, tons of support from other runners and the fantastic coaching team, I have become fitter, healthier and happier.'

Michelle Hunter

'It was flattering to have the new Get up to Five'ers telling me they admire what I am doing - that hadn't happened to me before.' 

Click here if you want to find out more about how Get up to Five works. We also have an FAQ page which answers a lot of common questions about this programme that you may want to check out. 

You can contact us at any time with any questions you have by clicking here

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