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GU25 Sample Programme

Sample Programme

We have three different levels in the Get up to Five programme, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, this allows all abilities to work together.  

Here is an example of  Week 1 and Week 2 for the beginner programme. This example is for the morning week day sessions (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday). 

Sample of Beginner Programme:

Key: H = HourM = Minutes, S= Seconds


Strength Circuit:
In the first 4 weeks of the programme you will do a body weight strength circuit at the beginning of the group sessions. the circuit takes approximately 20 mins and you will be taken through the circuit by our coach. 

The circuit includes body weight exercises that focus on identifying, engaging and strengthing the key muscle groups needed for running.

The exercises include working the following key muscle groups:
- Glute (butt) strength 
- Quad strength (front of the thigh)
- Core (abdominal) strength
- Calf Strength
- Hip Flexors
- Upper body engagement

Followng the circuit you will do the walk/jog part of your session.

As the weeks progress you will increase the amount of jogging that you do while at the same time decreasing the walking. We have designed the programme in a way that promotes success, success that creates belief in your own ability. Also when you jog we teach to work at 6/10 effort. It's not about jogging fast, it's about getting to the time.  

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