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Get up to Five - You Did It!


Well done

Congratulations!!! We are so proud of every single one of you. We have enjoyed getting to know our new faces and have really enjoyed helping and watching our returners improve and face their next challenge.

Take some time to reflect on what you have achieved over the last 8 weeks - so often we keep looking ahead at the next goal, but it is important to also see how far you have come ;o) We are very proud of you and can't wait to see where you take your running to next level. 

Get up to Five July 2019 - what an awesome team!

Get up to Five July 2019 - what an awesome team!


Check out the photos from your final run:

Final Run 31 August 2019 Get up to Five and Club10k

View them on Flickr (downloadable): click here

Feedback and comments

Please email us with any comments of feedback you have we love knowing what we do well or areas we can improve on. If you feel like it and have the time, we would appreciate it if you could send us your thoughts:



Our next Get up to Five and Club10k programmes start 2 September this coming week!

We would love to see you back and keep your consistency up with your team. Registrations close this Sunday so if you haven’t already registered - please do it now!

Saturday Runners

Saturday Runners is our regular Saturday morning running group and ensures you get 1 group session in a week around your own training.  All the details for Saturday Runners are here:


On behalf of all the team at Extra Mile Runners thank you for being awesome, we feel really privilledged to see you at your best, and we love how you embraced this experience. We hope to see you soon. 

The team at Extra Mile Runners ;o)

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