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WLG Week 3


WEEK 3 Newsletter

We Keep getting better

You are all doing so well, as a group you are taking on this challenge head on and we love how focused you are and the support you are showing each other.

You are learning so many lessons and you have a great attitude and are so positive! We know that this is a challenging experience for many of you, we are proud of you - keep it up!

You can't beat Wellington on a day like this!

You can't beat Wellington on a day like this!

Watch your Week 3 Meeting with Coach Bevan:


  • Monday 27 May, 6.10am
    Meeting Point: Waitangi Park (Herd Street end in the playground) Click here
    Course Map: Click here

  • Wednesday 29 May, 6.10am
    Meeting Point: Waitangi Park (Herd Street end in the playground), Click here
    Course Map: Click here 

Cog Park Meeting Point

Course Description:
All roads are open, please stick to the road rules 100%. Your safety is your own responsibility.

  1. Start on the footpath outside Cog Park.

  2. Turn right and follow Evans Bay Parade towards Oriental Parade.

  3. Please keep left on the footpath and be mindful of other users using the pathway.

  4. At your turnaround point, turnaround and come back in exactly the same direction.

  5. For Return level - 3km marker will be out. All other runners running to time.

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nutrition Tips

Without knowing your daily nutritional habits it's hard for us to give advice on what you should be doing with your diet during the time that you are training with us.  Some of you will be doing this programme to help lose some weight and although this isn't the goal for everyone, we thought we would share 5 rules you can bring into your life over the next period of time that will help you achieve good energy via nutrition as you take on this 5km challenge. 

  • Don't drink energy: Remove all the drinks in your life that have calories in them. If you are unsure which drinks have calories check out the labels. This doesn't mean you have to always drink water, just try to find calorie free options. For example, if you like fizzy drinks always choose the zero option.

  • Training doesn't mean you can eat more: You've added 5 exercise sessions a week to your life, you may think that "surely I can eat a little more because I had a great run tonight!". The answer is no, if you are trying to lose weight don't let the inclusion of exercise be a reason to eat more.

  • Restrict alcohol to one or two days a week: While a lot of people love a glass or two of wine every night to help relax this does add a lot of energy into you body. By restricting alcohol to one or two days, you will remove a lot of excess energy that you may not need.

  • Food isn't a reward: When we do well we want to reward ourselves - which is a good thing!. But don't use food as the reward. Instead of having a chocolate bar or banana choc-chip muffin because you had a great run you could instead buy yourself a new training top if you go three weeks without missing a session. Remember giving yourself positive affirmations around the good work that you are doing could be enough of a reward.

  • Stay away from processed foods: Try to eat unprocessed foods. These foods will often come at a higher calorie cost and they don't deliver the best nutrients. Plan your meals or snacks around natural foods that will have a healthier effect on your body.

You'll find that the training you are doing will create a change in your body over the next period of time but if you are trying to lose weight these rules will be a good guide in helping you achieve this.  They are good rules to maintain for the long term and they apply to most of us!. 

What about before and after runs?
Ideally you want to make sure you have a healthy carbohydrate snack around two hours before a session. As your sessions are all in the morning ti can be harder to do this, so aim to a small amount of carbohydrate in when you first get up eg. a small banana. How your body responds to the volume of food differs for all of us so it's a bit of trial and error. Aim to put a little bit in (half a banana?) and then see how you go, if it feels ok you can add a little bit more. 

After the run session we are looking to add some protein (for muscle repair) and carbohydrates (provides energy) back into our body. A protein shake with a banana is a good option. Remember to hydrate with water!

How we see ourselves will change in our lives. When people first get into exercise they often still see themselves as a non athlete but as time goes on their identity changes. You may not see it yet but one day you will wake up and you'll identify yourself as a runner.

If you watch this clip and can identify with it maybe you can start to think of yourself as a runner sooner than you think.

  • Please read your newsletters each week. 

  • Just a reminder about road safety. The roads are open so please stick to the road rules 100% of the time and don't just follow the person in front of you, we want you to be safe out there!.

  • We know that the programme is getting more intense every week. Remember that we want you to be training at a comfortable level, especially when you are running. Slow down if you think you are working too hard.

  • The running programme is priority number one in your exercise regime. We know that some of you are cross-training while doing the running programme. Remember that for the next 8 weeks, this should be your priority, then stretching then strengthening. Even if you feel awesome at the end of the week, resist from over training..stick to the programme!

'Do it in your own time, so long as you keep pushing yourself. Don’t try to keep up with the group if you can’t.' – Emily Murray

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