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Get up to Five - Week 6


WEEK 6 Newsletter

Time to stay focused, we are so close!

You are all doing so well, you are well over half way and the end goal is in sight.

The next 2 weeks are the most challenging part of the programme so now is the time to focus. You have learnt a lot in the last 5 weeks, try to apply the lessons you have learnt and finish the second half strong. How do you keep yourself on track? Are you pushing too hard to the point where it feels unachievable? If so, ease up a little.

We also know that the programme takes a big step up over the next couple of weeks. Keep it up as we work through to the end.

Your team is behind you 100%!

Watch your Weekly Meeting with Coach Bevan:




  • Saturday 12 October 7:30am
    Meeting Point: McCormacks Bay Reserve, McCormacks Bay Road
    Course Map: Click here
    This is a map for all our groups, you will do a portion of it.

    Course Description:
    All roads are open, please run on the footpath at all times and stick to the road rules 100% - be safe out there team!

  • Starting at McCormacks Bay Reserve, cross over safely at the start, start your watches once you are across the road. Run around McCormacks Bay Road towards Ferrymead.

  • At Main Road - follow our cones to turn right and run up the course-way towards Beachville Road (running towards Sumner direction).

  • Where our cones indicate - CROSS OVER Main Road CAREFULLY. Turn left then first right into Beachville Road. You will be directed by cones to run on the footpath on the waterside of Beachville Road.

  • Follow Beachville Road all the way around back onto Main Road, turn left and follow the water all the way out to Sumner

  • Everyone is running to time, please turn at half way on your watches. Reverse the course. This is an out and back course.

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Extra Mile Runners T-shirt Sale!

When: Saturday 12 October
Where: McCormacks Bay Meeting Point, Christchurch (at the end of the session)
What: Extra Mile Runners Adidas T-shirts all $20!!
Cash Only (thank you)

Tshirt Sale Imge.png


Coach Bevan has a podcast called Fitness Behaviour which attracts listeners from all over the world. In one of the shows he adresses how what we focus on can have a huge influence on whether a fitness experience will be positive or negative. Within in the show he introduces some tools to help people put their focus on the direction that they want to be heading towards. 

The show runs for around 40mins, the key content starts around 5mins into the show.

Rick and Dick Hoyt are an amazing father and son combination overcoming adversity is something they seemed to have mastered.


Next Programmes:

Some of you have been asking about the next groups start date, we love your keenness and planning! Our next Get up to Five and Club10k programmes start 28 October (the week following your final run) and are our last groups for 2019!

Keep an eye out in your Inbox on Thursday 17 October as we will be sending you a special deal for those of you wanting to continue on and register for our next Get up to Five or Club10k programme.

We would love to see you back, help you keep your habit of running up and see you take your running to the next level as we head towards Christmas!!

  • You are heading into the final stages of your programme, keep up your consistency and you will succeed in achieving your 5km goal ;o)

'Persevere with the programme, it works' – Dianne Keppel

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