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Get up to Five - The Final Run


The Final Run

The Final challenge

8 weeks ago, some of you came to the introduction seminar, the room was full of nerves and doubt and most of us were thinking 'I'm not really sure if I can do this',

8 weeks later you are about to do your final run. For some of you this isn't your first time - so you are looking for improvement, for others it is about completion of your 5km goal. 

This has been a journey that has developed friendships, created and grown belief in your ability and has hopefully given you a taste of the buzz running can bring.  


On Saturday morning you will get a chance to bring all that you have learnt over the last 8 weeks and run 5km. We are sure you are proud of what you have achieved yourselves, but we have to tell you that our team is incredibly proud of you all.  

The Final run

Saturday 13 June, 7:30am
Final 5km Run
Meeting Point: Deans Ave side of South Hagley Park. Click here
Map of Final Run: Click here


7.30am: Club10k start

7.35am: We will do your 5km run briefing and send you off on a warm up.

7.45am: Get up to Five start

The 5km course is an out and back, with the turnaround point at 2.5km.   

There won't be any coaches with you on your run - this one you do on your own.    

Map: Click to enlarge

You. you are the inspiration this week. you have worked hard, committed to this programme and have created a habit within a busy life.  you have inspired many of our runners around you and we are sure you have inspired people in your own life. be proud. 

  • Our next 9.30am groups begin 19 July. Check out the websites for details: and
  • We'll be taking some photo's in the morning so bring your smiley face ;-)

'Take it easy when you start your final run, go at your own pace -don't worry about what anyone else is doing around you, this is your journey, enjoy it.' - Coach Jo

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