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Epic - Week 9


WEEK 9 Newsletter

You are going to be happy to see this cone at the top of Soleares Ave ;o)

You are going to be happy to see this cone at the top of Soleares Ave ;o)

Just about there

Everyone seemed to be on a high after last weekend's long run. Think back to the beginning of the programme where a lot of you were worried about the first hill rep session! You have all come such a long way, it is awesome to watch you guys grow with your running. 

In next Saturday's run we are facing Soleares Ave, this is a good chance to work on the mental challenge of the hill you will face at around the 17km point of the Epic Half Marathon.  

This Week's Sessions

  • Monday 20 August, 6:10am
    Meeting by the helicopter pad in Hagley Park (by the netball courts).
    Final HIIT/Track Session

  • Wednesday 22 August, 6:00am* (note early start time)
    Meeting Zeroes Cafe on Cashmere Rd.
    Final Hill Repeat Session

  • Saturday 25 August, 7.30am
    Meeting Point: Barnett Park, Click here 
    There is plenty of parking at Barnett Park and toilet facilities. 
    Course Map: click here

Notes about Saturday's run:

  • This is a 60min run which includes Soleares Ave - the steepest part of the Epic Half Marathon. 
  • From Barnett Park run along Main Road to the pedestrian crossing outside New World supermarket.  Cross over at the lights and turn left, continue up Main Road to McCormacks Bay Road. Cross over Main Road carefully into McCormacks Bay Road. 
  • Run around McCormacks Bay Road to Soleares Ave. Turn left and run up Soleares Ave to the top.
  • At the top, turnaround and run down Solereas Ave. to the bottom. 

    *This is very steep so please take care and look after your joints on the downhill*. We want you to experience this before race day, but just take it easy. 
  • At the bottom of Soleares Ave, turn right and run back towards McCormacks Bay Reserve to Main Road, cross over carefully and run back to the start/finish at Barnett Park. 
  • This is a timed run, you are running for 60 mins. If you still have time on your watches once you are back opposite Barnett Park, turnaround and run back towards McCormacks Bay on the same course as your first leg.
    Out and Back for balance of time. 

Saturday's Course: Click on image to enlarge


Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

One of the best tools for looking after your running body is a foam roller. They can be nasty but they are a big help when recovering from a tough run. Over the next couple of weeks it would be good to get a few foam roller sessions in as a way to prepare you for race day.

Here's a good Runners World Foam Roller video series - click here  
Get your roller out, put the clip on and away you go (you can get these from SportsMed).

This is a cool clip of an epic run up the Table Mountain in Cape Town.   

What Next?

RaceTeam Queenstown starts 10 September, there is a week off in between your Epic Half Marathon and the start of your Queenstown training. 

This is our final RaceTeam for 2018 and you will be training for the Queenstown Half Marathon - a spectacular race - on Saturday 17 November.

RaceTeam registrations are open now: Click here
This race is a great way to finish your running season before Christmas - it is a fantastic weekend away and an awesome event. 


'Keep the chart on the fridge. Tick off each day as you achieve. Be proud to tell people.' - Pauline Sullivan

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