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Epic - Week 8


WEEK 8 Newsletter


You have 3 weeks of RaceTeam Epic to go. Time to focus on these last 3 weeks and your consistency with your training. 

The Epic Half Marathon is a tough challenge both physically and mentally, you have prepared well so far - but every single session counts from here on until race day. Let's finish this off strong and stay focussed, stick to the plan and enjoy this last part of your Epic journey. 

This Wednesday you have your second 5km time trial. 

It was a spectacular morning for this Saturday's run last year, here's hoping the views are just as good!

It was a spectacular morning for this Saturday's run last year, here's hoping the views are just as good!

An Epic Celebration

Date: Saturday 1 September
Time: 5.30pm
Venue: The Library Bar, No. 4 Bar and Restaurant. 4 Mansfield Ave, Merivale

Wednesday's 5km Time Trial Map


Notes about Saturday's run:

  • This is a 90min out and back run and is done on the Epic race course. 
    The aim in this run is to increase your speed by plus 2 (10km race pace) for 30mins at the half way point. 
  • We start at the very top of Mt Pleasant Road and turn right onto Summit Road. Follow Summit Road all the way along towards Rapaki Track. 

  • Continue along Summit Road all the way until your turn around time. 

  • Turnaround time: 43mins

  • Parts of this road is closed to cars but please watch out for cyclists. Some of the surfaces are uneven. 

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Like we were saying at the top of this newsletter, this is an important time to stay focused in the programme. We thought we would share some tips on how to do this. 


Remind yourself of what you have done well to this point. Reflect back on last 7 weeks and identify what you have done well. Look for the positives and allow yourself to own them. 

Identify the challenges your see in front of you. It may be a busy time at work, cold mornings, or you are feeling tired. Have a good look towards the next 3 weeks and dig deep to find the challenges that could make you less focused and then...

Plan for these challenges. Once you have identified the challenges put strategies in place for you to overcome them. An example would be that if you are busy you could ask someone to support you to take some of the load off. By pre-planning what you will do to overcome your challenges there's a much higher chance that you will be successful. 

Think about how you will feel when you have finished the session you may be struggling to get to. If you find you have a day where you are struggling to turn up remind yourself of how you will feel when you get to the end of the session. This may give you the kick you need to get up and do it. 

Go to what you know about yourself. This is probably the most important tip. Think back to when you were focused in the past, what were the things that you did at those times that helped you be successful? Implement them now as you know they work. 

If you stay focused in the next 3 weeks running up those hills on race day will seem easier. We won't say easy, just easier than they would be if you lose focus. This is what being a great athlete is all about.  

Sarah Ridgway is a Welsh international runner, this is a cool clip of her sharing why she loves running. She has some great insights.   

What's next after epic?

Our next RaceTeam starts 10 September and we are training for the Queenstown Half Marathon on Saturday 17 November. This is the last RaceTeam for 2018. 

Registrations for RaceTeam Queenstown are open now:

Rt Queenstown 2018.png

  • An Epic Celebration
    Date: Saturday 1 September
    Time: 5.30pm
    The Library Bar, No 4 Bar, 4 Mansfield Ave, Merivale
    Click here for details and to RSVP  

  • We have 3 weeks to go - every single session counts.

  • Body care work is important in these last few weeks. Massage, rest, heat packs for sore bits - looking after yourselves and listening to your body is key to getting to the end of Epic in the best possible way - you are stronger both physically and mentally so focus on these last 3 weeks and let's do this! 

'Keep the chart on the fridge. Tick off each day as you achieve. Be proud to tell people.' - Pauline Sullivan

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