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Epic - Week 7


WEEK 7 Newsletter

The long run

We have our longest run in Week 7, this is a great opportunity for you to practice every thing that you are going to do on final run day.  In this week's education we are going to give you some tips on how to be successful. 

One of the most important things to consider over the next weeks of training is making sure you look after you body after the long run. After your long run your body will be extremely tired so it is at this time you want to do everything possible to help it recover. This will include good nutrition, a long stretch, a cold bath, a massage if you can get one sorted, and an afternoon nap will help as well. It's all about looking after yourself and aiding your recovery as best as possible. 

The Epic Half Marathon Course 2019

Here is the Epic Half Marathon Course 2019. You will be sent all the details of the Epic Half Marathon, start times and logistics as we get closer to the race, for now - here is the course:

Course Map:  Click here 

By the end of the 10 week Epic programme you will have done the entire course in sections, on race day you just need to put it all together ;o)

Click on image to enlarge

This Week's Sessions

  • Monday 5 August, 6:10am
    Meeting by the helicopter pad in Hagley Park (by the netball courts).
    HIIT/Track Session

  • Wednesday 7 August, 6:00am* (note early start time)
    Meeting Zeroes Cafe on Cashmere Rd.
    Hill Repeats with sprint section (refer your programme)

  • Saturday 10 August, 7:00am* early start time
    Meeting Point: Remuera Reserve, Remuera Ave, click here  
    (Note: there are no toilets at this meeting point)
    Course Map: Click here  

Safety Notes about Saturday's run:

  1. This run is an out and back run based on time - 135mins

  2. All roads are open.

  3. Part of this course is on open road (Summit Road) and trail (Harry Ell walkway). When you get to the top of Harry Ell track and run along Summit Road, please turn any listening devices off so you can hear traffic around you. Be alert.

  4. Watch your footing on the trail sections as it is uneven in places.

Course Description:

  • You will head up the hill from the bottom all the way to the top via Dyers Pass Road, continue up Harry Ell Track.

  • Once at the top of Harry Ell, turn left and run along Summit Rd. Run single file along Summit Road and KEEP LEFT.

  • If you get to Rapaki Track - don't run down Rapaki, continue along Summit Road until your turn-around time.

  • As you are running to time and the second half of the run will be mostly downhill spend around an extra 7-10mins on the way out.

  • If you get back to the start point and you have a few minutes left just do a short out and back to make up the extra time.

  • Water Station: We will have a water station for you on Summit Road at approx 7km. When you reach the top of Harry Ell Track, turn left, the water station will be along the road by the carpark. This water station will have water only so please carry your own nutrition on this run.

Click on image to enlarge


Tips for the long run

To make the most of your longest run you want to prepare well so you can use it as a practice day. Here are some key things to do in your preparation, during and after next Saturday's run.

Nutrition: After watching the Nutrition Seminar video you should have a plan in place around what you are going to do in the lead up to and during race day. You want to practice everything on this plan for this long run. 

Pacing: Because this is a hill run, using time as your way to pace may not work. For this reason it's a good idea to use perceived exertion, this is where you are using your breathing, heart rate, and feeling of intensity to control your work effort. It's even more important because you are on a hill, that you take this easy in the first half. Listen to your bodies feedback and stay controlled. 

Mind Strategy: Remember to practice your mind strategies in the run as well. By now you will know the bad habits that creep in as your body fatigues, learn to identify them early and practice using the question: 'What can I still control to make sure I get to the finish line".

The long run is a great opportunity to learn some valuable lessons before the big day. Treat it seriously and you will have a much higher chance of being successful on our Epic final run day. 

Recovery: Ice baths, nutrition, gentle stretching, massage are all key recovery strategies you need to out in place after your longest run. Plan ahead to make these happen. Your body needs to recover - and get ready for your next session. 

This is a cool clip of some guys running up Glenfinnan in Scotland. It's a pretty hill!  

  • We have a Post Epic Party planned for the the evening after your race..all the details will be in next week's newsletter. 

  • Can you please be on time to sessions so that you hear the full session briefing before the group starts so you know what the session involves and also to check in with roll call. 

'Keep the chart on the fridge. Tick off each day as you achieve. Be proud to tell people.' - Pauline Sullivan

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