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Epic - Week 5


WEEK 5 Newsletter

First Long hill run

Your Week 5 Saturday session has your first long hill run, we are starting at 7.00am. 

Early on in the run there are some very steep sections. Make sure you take these nice and easy, think small steps and fast turn over. After you do the first 9km on the hill you be back down the bottom and have some flat running so when you get to this stage, continue to focus on good technique. 

This run will present you will some tough moments but it will be an important part of you being successful on race day. Run smart and you will be a step closer to rocking it on the final Epic Run!

Race Day Nutrition Video

We have sent you a video on race day nutrition, this video covers why nutrition is so important for your performance and gives you information on the what, when, why and how much nutrition you need during your race.

We send this video to you now so you can start practicing using your nutrition on the long runs coming up in the programme.

This Week's Sessions

  • Monday 22 July, 6:10am
    Meeting Point: Netball Courts, South Hagley Park
    HIIT/Track Session

  • Wednesday 25 July, 6:00am* (note early start time)
    Meeting Zeroes Cafe on Cashmere Rd.
    Hill Repeats
    From this week onwards you have a sprint section within each hill repeat. This will be marked out with cones for you. Refer to your programme. 

  • Saturday 27 July, *7:00am* (note early start time)
    Please wear your headlamps
    Meeting Point: McCormacks Bay, McCormacks Bay Road
    Course Map: Click here

We are starting at 7am. You will be doing the first section of the Epic Half Marathon course. Please bring your headlamps for the start of the run as it will be dark. Everyone is running to time - 120mins. 

  • From McCormacks Bay, run towards Main Road and turn RIGHT.

  • Run up Main Road to Cave Terrace. Cross over Cave Terrace where we have indicated with cones (so you run up Cave Terrace on the footpath - LHS of the road).

  • Run up Cave Terrace (which leads into Monks Spur Road). Note at the start of Cave Terrace the footpath runs out - please run single file and KEEP LEFT.

  • Continue up Monks Spur until Mt Pleasant Road - turn left and follow Mt Pleasant Rd all the way to the top, you will get to Summit Road.

    *TURNAROUND at Summit Road* There will be a water station here.

  • Run back down Mt Pleasant Road - following Mt Pleasant Road all the way to the bottom.

  • Once at the bottom, turn right and run back around McCormacks Bay Road to the start/finish.

  • If you still have time on your watch, run passed the Start/Finish area and follow the cones saying “Sumner Flat Course” which will lead you to cross over Main Road and run around Beachville Road and out towards Sumner.
    Do and out and back based on time remaining.

Saturday Course: Click on image to enlarge


Water Station

We will have a water station at the Summit Road turnaround point (approx 5km into the course). Water will be provided at this station, please carry any nutrition you need with you.


Why are hills so good for my training?

You may be wondering why hill running is important for your training, here's a good way of looking at it. A weightlifter looking to improve his or her maximum bench press doesn't add lighter-weight reps to their workout, they don't do reps more quickly. Instead, they increase the weight on the bar, thereby increasing the force required to complete the reps.

It's the same with running. If we want to get stronger and faster, we must increase the force requirements of our workout. Tempo runs, time trials and fast reps on the track are good, but they don't generate maximum force. Hills do.

"Running up hills forces the knees to lift higher, one of the most desirable developments for any runner, because this governs stride speed and length, it also develops the muscle fibres, increasing power."" - Arthur Lydiard

In fact, we can target all three types of muscle fibre (a "fibre" is what we call a muscle cell) with hill training: slow-twitch (Type I), intermediate fast-twitch (Type IIa) and fast-twitch (Type IIx). Slow-twitch produces the least force of the fibre types, but it works aerobically and takes a long time to fatigue, making it perfect for endurance activities. Intermediate fibres produce more force than slow-twitch, creating the long, powerful strides associated with middle-distance running. Fast-twitch fibers produce the most force of all, but they function anaerobically and are useful only for short bursts.

Basically you are developing all the different muscle fibers so you become a better runner overall. We are sure this is something you want ;-) 

We know that RaceTeam Epic seems pretty crazy. Well here is the next level! This race in Austria is only 400m long but it looks like death ;-)  

  • Make sure you start practicing your race day nutrition on your long runs so there are no surprises on race day. 

  • Keep going team - consistency is key and you are just about half way!

'Keep the chart on the fridge. Tick off each day as you achieve. Be proud to tell people.' - Pauline Sullivan

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