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Epic - Week 10


WEEK 10 Newsletter

It's Epic Race Week!

After your Week 9 Saturday run you will have done the last bit of hill running up until race day. We imagine that your bodies are tired and maybe a little bit sore after the last 9 weeks of training. Now it's about allowing your body to prepare for the race.

Keep to the programme, eat well, get plenty of sleep, and mentally prepare yourself for the big day. This will be a race to remember, make sure you get to the start line 100% prepared to be your best. 

Even though we are doing shorter runs on Monday and Wednesday this week, locations and times have not changed. Stick to the programme ;o)


This Week's Sessions

  • Monday 26 August, 6:10am
    Meeting by the helicopter pad in Hagley Park (by the netball courts).
    40mins easy run around South Hagley Park, turnaround at 20mins

  • Wednesday 28 August, 6:00am* (note early start time)
    Meeting Zeroes Cafe on Cashmere Rd.
    30mins with 6 x 100m stride outs* after half way. 
    Map of Course: click here 
    *Strideouts means to quicken your pace for a short duration of time, it helps work the biomechanics of the running movement. Your breathing should increase for this 100m, then pull it back, recover and get ready for your next strideout. 

  • Saturday 31 August: The 2019 Epic Half Marathon
    Meeting Point: McCormacks Bay Reserve, McCormacks Bay Road
    Course Map: Image
    Start Times:
    We have staggered start times. We have put you into start groups based on your second 5km hill time trial time. We will send the start list out on Wednesday 28 August, please start in the group we have allocated you in.
    The start times will be: 6.00am, 6.20am, 6.40am, 7.00am

    Race Day Information:

    Please read the Race Day Information Pack:

We want you to look like this at the end of the race ;-)    

  • Remember - good rest strategies, good nutrition in the lead up to race day.

  • If you haven't already checked out the details for the post race Epic Celebration: Click here 

  • We are so close! You can count down the sleeps now!

'Keep the chart on the fridge. Tick off each day as you achieve. Be proud to tell people.' - Pauline Sullivan

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