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EMR Education

A motivational tool for the next level

Extra Mile Runners

Recently a lady I was training to do a half marathon achieved a massive goal that she had been working hard to achieve. 

After her race she shared with me a motivation technique that she used in the last 5km of her race - the pointy end of the run. I had never thought of using this technique but once she shared it with me I thought it was brilliant. 

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Back and White Rules - Part 1

Extra Mile Runners

Do you sometimes have a “good cop” “bad cop” in your head when making decisions that involve temptations? When you know you should resist these temptations the “bad cop” puts the best argument forward as to why you should give in. 

There’s a way we can beat this, it’s called Black and White Rules. It’s a great strategy that completely removes the negotiation that can happen around temptation. 

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Party Food Challenge

Extra Mile Runners

Do you find that when you go to social functions you sometimes have a few too many treats? You get to the end of the night and feel that you may have over-indulged a little too much?

This week I don’t have an educational video for you, it’s more of a challenge. It’s called the Party Food Challenge, it’s about helping yourself and others have good social fun without the over-indulgence. 

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Learning when 'good' crosses over to 'bad'

Extra Mile Runners

Many of us take part in activities that add value to our lives, well - up to a point, because you know that if you stay in them for too long they can end up causing dissatisfaction within ourselves. 

That moment where 'good' turns 'bad' is what we call our 'crossover point'.  

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3 steps to stop your "Yes, but's"

Extra Mile Runners

A 'yes, but' is when you do something well but instead of allowing yourself to feel good about what you have achieved you undermine yourself by telling yourself 'yes, but...' and diminish your success. Watch this video to learn the 3 steps you can take to move away from this often automatic response and move towards ownership and acceptance of something you have done well.

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