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Club10k - Week 3


WEEK 3 Newsletter


You are all doing so well and you are learning how to get the most out of the track sessions, they are so valuable for your run fitness and mental development as a runner, so keep it up! A reminder about the Strength/Pace session - you are working hard so a reminder to really focus on technique in the strength movements particularly when you start to fatigue. 

We have our first non-stop longer run this Saturday morning, remember that this is about distance not speed. If you are concerned about the distance focus on working on working at 6/10 (gossip pace) and for those who are a little bit more comfortable with the distance you could aim for 7.5/10 (slightly uncomfortable).




both groups

Course Description:
All roads are open, please run on the footpath at all times and stick to the road rules please! Your safety is your own responsibility.

    • From Barnett Park, we run along Main Road to McCormacks Bay Road, turn left and run around McCormacks Bay Road.

    • Follow our cones which will lead you onto Main Road. Cross over Mt Pleasant Road carefully!

    • Follow Main Road all the way until the pedestrian lights - use the lights to cross over onto the Coastal Pathway. Run back towards Sumner direction.

    • Continue along the Coastal Pathway until Beachville Road.

    • At Beachville Road, turn left and follow the Coastal Pathway. The 6.5km marker is on Beachville Road.

    • KM markers out: 3.5km, 6.5km.

      Programme Notes:
      Beginner (Jog 3.5k walk 5m x2): Run to 3.5km marker, walk 2.5mins, turnaround, walk 2.5mins then jog back 3.5km.
      Advanced & Return* (13km): Out and back to 6.5km marker

      *Return programme: You have pace work within this session, please refer to your programme.

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Posture is a hugely important part of being a successful runner. There are lots of benefits of good posture but 2 of the most important benefits are: 

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 3.53.24 pm.png
  • Good posture keeps your center of gravity in the right position which means there is better muscle balance and distribution through all the working muscles. It means that all the different muscles are doing an even amount of work which creates more efficiency in your style and gives you the ability to go for longer periods of time without losing speed or needing to stop.

  • When you have good posture your body will be moving more safely. This decreases the risk of injury as most running injuries come from poor posture.

So then the question is: How can I improve my posture when I'm running? 

Here are some key tips:  

  • Try to always remind yourself that you are trying to 'run tall'. This means that you have a straight spine, your shoulders are back and relaxed. Your eyes will be looking forward, around 5-8m in front of you (not down or up) and lastly you will be leaning forward from the hips with chest lifting up. Look at the photo above and see the example of the straight line runner.

  • Do your core work. By strengthening through the core your body position will start to naturally lift which will hold you in place when you are running. Aim to get around three core sessions in a week and you'll soon notice a difference.

  • Create awareness of what good posture feels like. You could use an awareness tool, like when you see your watch, that reminds you to hold a correct posture. At first the correct posture may feel weird but the more you maintain it the more it will be come the norm.

To become a more efficient runner we need to be continually improving our posture. This will help to avoid injuries, create a more balanced workout and also help you to improve your speed.

If you have any questions around posture feel free to ask the coaches at any time. 

Imagine a world where everyone knew that when they stepped out the door to go for a run - they would feel better, less stressed, happier and more engaged with life, it might be a different kind of world!

  • We know that the programme is getting more intense every week. Remember that we want you to be training at a comfortable level, especially when you are running. Slow down if you think you are working too hard.

  • The running programme is priority number one in your exercise regime. We know that some of you are cross-training while doing the running programme. Remember that for the next 8 weeks, this should be your priority, then stretching then strengthening. Even if you feel awesome at the end of the week, resist from over training..stick to the programme!

'Once word. Stretch.' - Coach Jo

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