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Club10k - Return Week 6


WEEK 6 Newsletter

Finding the next level

With only a few weeks to go before your final 10k run day now is a good time to focus on getting the most out of your sessions.  

Your Week 6 Saturday session has an 8km run for all of you. You have done this before so this is a good opportunity for you to take a risk and try to run at a faster pace than you normally do. In this week's education we share one of Coach Bevan's Fitness Behaviour podcasts which has tools that you can use when the intensity kicks in. Remember, it's about taking you to the next level ;-) 

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  • Saturday 12 October 7:30am
    Meeting Point: McCormacks Bay Reserve, McCormacks Bay Road
    Course Map: Click here
    This is a map for all our groups, you will do a portion of it.

    Course Description:
    All roads are open, please run on the footpath at all times and stick to the road rules 100% - be safe out there team!

    • Starting at McCormacks Bay Reserve, cross over safely at the start, start your watches once you are across the road.

    • Run around McCormacks Bay Road until Basil Place. Turn left and run around the cul-de-sac coming back out onto McCormacks Bay Road. Turn left.

    • Continue around McCormacks Bay Road and follow our cones which will lead you back onto Main Road, turn right - running along the Causeway.

    • Continue straight up Main Road until Augusta Street (New World is on the corner). TURN RIGHT.

    • Run up Augusta, take first RIGHT into James Street.

    • Continue up James St, the 4km marker will be at the very end.

    • Reverse the course back to the start (including the Basil Place cul-de-sac section!!).

      There are different objectives to this session for the different programme levels:

    • Beginner programme: 8km - no intensity

    • Advanced: 8km Fast - this is an uncomfortable run working at your own pace that makes you work hard.

    • Return: 8km Race - this is all out for you guys, work at the pace you know you can maintain for the 8km distance and be wise with your pace strategy.

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Extra Mile Runners T-shirt Sale!

When: Saturday 12 October
Where: McCormacks Bay Meeting Point, Christchurch (at the end of the session)
What: Extra Mile Runners Adidas T-shirts all $20!!
Cash Only (thank you)

Tshirt Sale Imge.png


Your Week 6 Saturday run has the team all doing 8km. For our Intermediate and Advanced runners, you are trying to run a fast 8km run. This isn't about just getting the run done. It's about trying to push at a higher level for the whole run.

Coach Bevan has done a podcast on ways to develop your mind for intensity training. We think that it would be a good idea for you to have a listen to this and then practice the tools he shares in next weeks run. 

The show runs for around 40mins, the key content starts around 5mins into the show.

Here's a cool clip about Meb Keflezighi and how he came from nothing to being a 3 time Olympian.  

Next Programmes

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Some of you have been asking about the next groups start date, we love your keenness and planning! Our next Club10k programme starts 28 October (the week following your final run) and is our last one for 2019!

Keep an eye out in your Inbox on Thursday 17 October as we will be sending you a special deal for those of you wanting to continue on and register for our next Club10k programme.

We would love to see you back, help you keep your habit of running up and see you take your running to the next level as we head towards Christmas!!

'Keep coming to the sessions even if you have to walk because of tiredness.'

– Ange Soper

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