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Bridge Week 3


WEEK 3 Newsletter


You will be pleased to see this Finish Line at the end of your Epic Half Marathon!

You will be pleased to see this Finish Line at the end of your Epic Half Marathon!


After this Saturday you have 1 week left of the Bridge programme. Make the most of your track session this coming week and the 14km next Saturday. 

This Saturday you have a hill repeat session with Coach Aine. If you haven't done hill work for a while, take it easy. Take short steps, keep your chest lifted and try not to walk. Even if it means you are jogging at a slower pace than are using different muscle groups - the ones we want to develop for hill strength. Use the downhill as a recovery and really think about your technique on the uphill.

When you get to the bottom of Hackthorne - start your watches. Coach Aine will start the 20mins of hill repeats when the last person arrives at the bottom of the hill.

Good luck - and enjoy ;o)


RaceTeam Epic begins next week.
The Introduction Seminar is Sunday 28 June
Time: 5.30pm - 6.30pm, Protocol Public House, 2 Colombo Street. 

This week's sessions

Evening Group

  • Tuesday 23 June, 5.40pm
    Meeting Point: Netball Courts, South Hagley Park. Click here
    Track Session

Morning Group:

  • Wednesday 24 June, 6.20am
    Meeting Point: Netball Courts, South Hagley Park. Click here
    Track Session

Both Groups

  • Saturday 27 June
    Meeting Time: 7:30am
    Meeting Point: Hansen Park carpark. Entrance off Hawford Road. Click here
    Course Map: Click here
    Session: 14km Run

    Coffee:Coffee Van

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Core & Lower Back Strength

These below 4 exercises work on your core, lower back and glue strength. 

Challenge: Do each of these 4 movements for 30 secs each . Repeat x 3 sets.
Do this workout 2 times this week. 

  • If you haven't yet registered for RaceTeam Epic, please use the links below to access the early bird rates (which expired last night). 

    These are open until next Wednesday, from next Thursday the standard rate will apply. 

    Register Now: 
    10 x weekly payments $29.90: Click here
    1 Full payment $299.00: Click here

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