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Bridge Week 2


WEEK 2 Newsletter

Joan & Jo celebrating Joan finishing the Epic Half Marathon 2014. 

Joan & Jo celebrating Joan finishing the Epic Half Marathon 2014. 

This week's sessions

Evening Group

  • Tuesday 16 June, 5.40pm
    Meeting Point: Netball Courts, South Hagley Park. Click here
    Track Session

Morning Group:

  • Wednesday 17 June, 6.20am
    Meeting Point: Netball Courts, South Hagley Park. Click here
    Track Session

Both Groups

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Session: Hill Repeats
You will do an easy jog warm up from Remuera Reserve to the bottom of Hackthorne Road. 

You will then start your watches and do 20mins of hill repeats up and down Hackthorne Road to the cone which is at the top of the uphill section.

If you haven't done hill work for a while, just take it easy, take short steps and keep your chest lifted. The aim is to do as many repeats in 20mins as you can. 

You will then warm down by jogging back to Remuera Reserve.

Coffee: Coffee Van

Glute Strength

The powerhouse of the running movement - your glutes. 
These exercises work on your glute strength - which is key to injury prevention and power in the running movement. 

Challenge: Do these 6 x exercises twice this week. 

  • Consistency is key. Try and get to 100% of your 3 week bridge programme sessions, it will set you up well for when Epic begins. 
  • Start to think about the challenges you may face during RaceTeam Epic and what you will do at those times to overcome them. 
  • If you haven't already registered for RaceTeam Epic you can do so via the link below, get in before early bird closes next week:
    RaceTeam Epic

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