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WLG Club10k - Week 1


WEEK 1 Newsletter

We're stepping up

Welcome to Club10k and for many of you - welcome back! We have some new faces joining us as well as those of our runners who are stepping up from Get up to Five and also some of you have done Club10k before, it's great to have you all on board. 

Every Thursday evening for the next 8 weeks we will be sending you a newsletter like this which includes the following week's session details, education, inspiration and any specific information about the following week's runs. 

Over the next 8 weeks we will work together as a team to get you running 10k and for those of you who have just done your 10k - this time we are looking for improvement in speed. There will be be some challenging days and days where you feel on top of the world, together we will get you there in a way that you can be proud of.  

 Oriental Parade, your training ground for the next 8 weeks

This Week's Sessions

  • Monday 22 October (Labour Day) 6.10am
    Strength / Repeat Session
    Meeting Point: Waitangi Park (Herd Street end by the playground)
    click here for location
    There is free parking on Cable Street up until 8am.

  • Wednesday 24 October 6.10am
    Interval Session
    Meeting Point: Waitangi Park (Herd Street end by the playground)
    click here for location

  • Saturday 27 October 7:30am
    Endurance Session
    Meeting Point: Shorland Park, Island Bay click here
    Course Map: Click here

Course Description:
All roads are open, please stick to the road rules 100%. Your safety is your own responsibility. Note: Start your watches once you have crossed over and are on the waterfront  pathway. 

  • Start by crossing over The Esplanade carefully and turn left - running along the waterfront pathway towards Houghton Bay.

  • At relevant turnaround marker, turnaround and run back towards Shorland Park.

  • Run back to Shorland Park, cross over The Esplanade carefully back to the finish.

  • KM Markers out: 3km, 4km.

Note: Beginner Club10k
At the 3km marker, walk for 2.5mins, then turnaround, walk 2.5mins then jog 3km back to finish. 

Click on image to enlarge (Saturday's Session)


How the sessions work 

Roll Calls: 

When you arrive, please "check in" with the coach taking the group Roll Call at every session. If you know you are going to be away for a few sessions in a row, flick us an email so we can note at our end and not worry when you are MIA!

Bring a Watch:

You need a watch with a stopwatch function as many of your sessions are based on time that you need to keep track of yourselves. Also some Saturday sessions (for the beginner level) also have a timed run component. 

Key Bag:

We have a key bag for your car keys and will look after these for you during the session. Any other gear that you bring is your responsibility, we haven't had anything go missing yet (touch wood!) but just so you are aware. 


We will take you through stretches at the end of your session then you are free to go!

Session Outline

You have 3 groups session a week, below is an outline of each session. 


Monday morning 6.10am
Location: Waitangi Park

Our coach will guide you through this session. The session has a combination of strength and interval based running and has been designed to improve your strength and aerobic fitness.

You will start with a 5min warm up followed by the circuit/run sets. 
The sets are short and sharp so timing is crucial and quick transitions.

On the 4min run sets (refer to your programme), the aim is to get further along the course each time in the 4min sets.

Interval Session:

Wednesday morning 6.10am
Location: Waitangi Park

Before your Interval Session (Wednesday 6.10am session) our coach will take you through a 6-8 minute Drill Set you will then start your Interval Session. These drills are aimed at getting you to recruit (and "wake up") the correct muscle groups, they will take a couple of sessions to get used to but are very beneficial to your running. Here are the Drills that you will be doing:

Your Intervals are outlined in your programme.
For example, the first Interval session for beginner and intermediate level is:
3 x 5minute efforts at 65% intensity / 7 minutes recovery between each set. 

The total time of this Interval Session is 36mins, therefore your turnaround time is 18mins. You run out in one direction for 18mins, turnaround and come back. 

Intensity gauge:
65% Slightly uncomfortable running
70% Breathless running, but able to hold for duration of set
75% Should only be able to say the odd word when running - but able to maintain for duration of the set.

Please know what you are doing in each Interval Session and you need to keep track of your sets/time within the session. 


Saturday morning 7.30am
Location: Various

This is your long run session. You will see on your programme that the distances increase each week until we get to the longest run in Week 5.  Refer to your programme and weekly newsletters for each week's session. 

Download your programme

Please download your Club10k programme that you will follow over the next 8 weeks:

Download the programme (.xlsx file)
Download the programme (.pdf file)

Within this programme there are 3 different levels you can choose from: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. The main difference is the Saturday run distances and the other solo runs during the week. 

There is also a comments page where you can put your daily comments on your training and a fridge checklist that you can print off and put on your fridge so you can give yourself a tick each day you complete your training. 

As we are starting a new training block, we want to give you a recovery yoga sequence to do once or twice a week during this 8 week programme. 

This simple 20-minute sequence includes poses that will work to increase your mobility and ease postrun discomfort. It can be used to help aid recovery after a long run or race but can also be used as a way to work in a quick yoga session after a shorter run.

 Click on image to open video

Click on image to open video

  • Because a lot of the programme is based on timed running make sure you bring your own watch to every run. It doesn't need to be flash, just with a stopwatch function. If you do have a GPS watch - they are an awesome tool for your training and enable you to pace yourself wisely. 

  • Shower Facilities:
    If you need shower facilities after your session during the week you can use the showers at Freyberg Pool just next door to Waitangi Park. The cost is $3 per visit. Click here for location of Freyberg Pool.

  • Having the right gear will increase your chances for consistency - as you are more likely to get to a session if you are prepared. Warm layers and wet weather gear are key so have them on standby just in case ;o)

  • Please check your shoes!
    Shoes are the tool of the runners have to have good shoes for this journey you are about to start. Shoe Clinic are our local shoe fitting specialists, who will ensure you have the right footwear for your journey ahead. They know their stuff and offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee if you’re not 100% happy with your shoes.

    (We don't get any commission from any sales at Shoe Clinic - we just recommend them because they know their stuff and we want you to have good shoes that will support you through this journey).

  • Our journey begins, we can wait to watch your progress over the next 8 weeks. 

'There will be days that you have every excuse under the sun not to go to a session. These are the very sessions that you absolutely HAVE to go to as these are the ones that give you the best sense of achievement.' – Pam Thomas

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