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Saturday Runners - This Weeks Run





Oh the serenity! Last Saturday it was a cracker out at Redcliffs and beside the water. The heat ramped up but you took it on board got your session done.

The new course was well received - many of our Saturday Runners hadn't been along that Tow Path before so provided a nice change of scenery ;o)

Lots of familiar faces back to the team and a fantastic turn out by our Saturday Runners crew! Jane M was back (after having time away to have a family), Lynda, Janice, Kate H (back from the UK only a couple of days ago), Nicola, Corinna, Tania - to name only a few faces returning. Tracey joined us for her first Saturday Runners session after her first experience with the team at the Christmas Pack of Cards session - lovely to see you back Tracey!

Well done EVERYONE in those conditions, it was hot, but I think we are going to be experiencing more sessions like that so we need to start to get used to them. 

This Saturday we have another semi- new course for you, it's flat and fast ;o)


Start Time: 7.30am
Location: Avonhead Park, entrance off Hawthornden Road
Programme Options: 6km, 8km, 13km, 16km, 18km (maximum session time 90mins)
Course Map: Click here
Course Description: 
All roads are open, please run on the footpath at all times and abide by the pedestrian road rules 100%. Your safety is your own responsibility.

The Main course is a 6km course lap

  • Run around Avonhead Park in a clockwise direction as directed by our cones. 
  • When you leave Avonhead Park, turn right onto Hawthornden Road.
  • Follow Hawthornden Road until you get to Apsley Drive - turn right.  Continue around Apsley Drive all the way until you get to the Woodbury St roundabout. Follow our cones and cross over so you are running up Woodbury Street until you get to Withells Road - turn left into Withells Road. 
  • Run up Withells Road until you get to the Merrin St roundabout. 
  • Turn left and run up Merrin Street. Take first left into Cricklewood Place.
    Run to the end of this cul-de-sac and you will be guided by our cones into Inglewood Place coming back onto Merrin Street - turn left.
  • Run up to Hawthornden Road and turn left. Take first left into Bellingham Place - run around the Bellingham Place back onto Hawthornden Road. 
  • Cross over where we have indicated by our cones and run back into Avonhead Park. 
  • KM markers out: 500m, 3km, 4km

    6km Runners: Out and back to 3km marker
    8km Runners: Out and back to 4km marker
    13km Runners:  Out and back to 500m then 2 complete laps
    16km Runners: 2 x laps of Park Circuit (= 2km, refer map below) then 2 complete laps
    18km Runners - 3 complete laps

Course Map: Click on image to view

Park Circuit: 13km and 16km runners only

Inspiration and education

Running in the heat - here are some tips.
One that we want to add is to wear a visor rather than a cap, a visor lets the heat our of your head rather than a cap which traps it in yet it still provides shade on your face ;o)

Click on the image to be taken to this article

Click on the image to be taken to this article


  • Remember to hydrate during the week in this hot weather if you are running on Saturday. 
  • Have cold water ready at the end of your session
  • Sun screen it up team!
  • Re-adjust your expectation of yourself when running in hot temperatures..slow the pace down and focus on breathing and efficiency,


Have a great week, see you soon!

The team at Extra Mile Runners. 

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