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Saturday Runners - This Weeks Run





Last Saturday we had a few session options for you and the tempo was definitely lifted! Many of you took on the 10km and challenged in running a hard 10km. By the looks on faces at the end, you definitely gave it heaps and your fitness was tested which was fantastic to see.

Several of you are training for the St Clair half marathon in May and it is awesome to see you are using the group as part of your training. We have a couple of longer runs coming up (starting this week) so hopefully we can help you get some more km's under you belt as part of your training. 

Well done everyone - another great start to the weekend. 


This week we have a couple of longer distance options for those of you wanting to run long.
We will start you guys off at 7.00am. 

Meeting Point: Hansen Park, entrance off Hawford Road
Map of Run: Click here 
7.00am Start Time: 15km, 18km, 23km
7.30am Start Time: 7.5km, 50mins, 60mins - running time

Course Description:
All roads are open, please run on the footpath at all times and be aware of your surroundings, please stick to the road rules and don't just follow the person in front of you. 

  • This course is a 7.5km lap.
  • We start by running over the bridge at the end of this pathway.
  • Turn right. Follow Riverlaw Terrace all the way around. The river is on your RIGHT.
  • Cross over Ensors Rd, Wilsons/Waltham Roads, Tennyson St very carefully.
  • Follow the river all the way until you get to the small footbridge indicated by our cones.  
  • Cross over this bridge then turn sharp right. Run up to Fisher Ave, turn left and run up Fisher Ave to Colombo Street. Turn Right. 
  • Run down to Tennyson St, turn right. Run along Tennyson Street to the end - the river will be in front of you. Turn left. You are now on Eastern Terrace and beside the river. 
  • Follow the river all the way back to Hansen Park, crossing the main roads very carefully.  
  • KM markers out: 250m, 1.5km

    Programme Notes:
    7.5km runners: 1 complete lap
    15km runners: 2 complete laps
    18km runners: Out and back to 1.5km marker then 2 laps
    23km runners: Out and back to 250m marker then 3 laps
    Runners running to time: Do 1 complete lap (7.5km) then an out and back on the same course for your time remaining. 

Click on image to enlarge


Water Station
There will be 2 x water stations on this course:
1. At the start point of your 7.5km lap just over the bridge.
2. At Waltham Park corner  (cnr of Waltham Road and Fifield Tce). 

These water stations will have:
a) Jerrycan of water
b) Jerrycan of PURE Electrolyte Hydration (this is the same product that will be at the water stations in the Christchurch half marathon). 

Please carry any nutrition you need with you. 

Inspiration and education

Ruby Muir is one of New Zealand's most promising young trail runners. At just 21 she had won the Kepler, Tarawera Ultra and nearly every other event she'd entered. This is the story of how she discovered running, what drove her to it and how it has helped her heal.


  • Just a reminder to make sure you know your courses each week - we have a lot of runners doing different sessions!
  • Layer up team! Get out your gloves and beanies and keep warm before and after your session, we want you to stay healthy as the season is changing!
  • You are doing well with consistency, we are seeing many of you week in week out - keep it up!


 Bevan, Ali, Caroline and Andy - post Wanaka Half Marathon 2018. 

Bevan, Ali, Caroline and Andy - post Wanaka Half Marathon 2018. 

Have a great week, see you soon!

The team at Extra Mile Runners. 

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