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Saturday Runners - This Weeks Run





Last Saturday was a difficult session for us to put on, after the events of last Friday we had to really think about what to do. We felt that it was important to give our team the option of doing something normal and part of routine, and after seeing our runners talking and connecting at the session we knew we made the right decision. We reaffirmed to ourselves that human connection is so important in difficult times - and even though the running is doing something good for us physically, the connection we get from others is just as important.

This Saturday we are at Centennial Park, 7.30am start time for everyone and we have distance options galore!


Location: Centennial Park Cnr Lyttelton and Rose Sts.
Course Map: Click here
Programme Options: 6km, 8km, 10km, 12km, 14km, 17km

Course Description:

  1. We start by running up Lyttelton Street to Sparks Road, Turn left. Run along Sparks Road until the pathway that runs behind Centennial Park. 

  2. Run along this pathway, coming out onto Rose Street. Cross over where we indicate with cones and turn right up to Hoonhay Road. Turn left. 

  3. Run Up Hoonhay Road to Cashmere Road. Run passed Princess Margaret hospital and follow the Riverside pathway all the way along to Barrington Street. Cross over with Care. 

  4. Run through Ernlea Clark Reserve (following the pathway beside the river), coming out onto Ernlea Terrace. Run up to Colombo Street.

  5. At Colombo Street DON’T CROSS OVER. Turn left then take first left into Ashgrove Terrace. You are now on the other side of the river running back towards Barrington Street. 

  6. Follow the river all the way along, crossing over Barrington St carefully. Follow Ashgrove Terrace to Ferniehurst St.

  7. The furthest marker - 7km just around the corner on Ferniehurst Street.

  8. KM markers out: 1.5km*,3km, 4km, 5km, 6km, 7km

  9. This is an out and back run. Everyone else is running to time - turn half way on your watches. 

*17km Runners:
Do an out and back to the 1.5km marker first, then out and back to 7km marker.

Click on image to view


  • Please stick to our courses and distance options on offer at each session, if you go off course or do something different to what we have planned for - our coaching team don’t know where you are and takes them away from the group.

  • RaceTeam Christchurch 2019 - Early Bird Extended
    Due to what has happened in Christchurch over the last few days, we feel that many of our team will have had other things on their minds so we have extended the RaceTeam earlybird until this Wednesday night. Earlybird rates are now available until 11.59pm Wednesday 20 March.

    Our next RaceTeam starts 25 March and we will be training for the iconic local race - the Christchurch Half Marathon on 2 June. Registrations for the 10 week RaceTeam Christchurch group are open now via the website: Click here


Have a great week, see you soon!

The team at Extra Mile Runners. 

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