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Saturday Runners - This Weeks Run





What a great morning we had last Saturday, we had a fantastic Saturday Runners turnout with 30 of our crew back after the holidays and everyone working on getting their groove back.

It was fantastic seeing you all - many of you are starting with our groups shortly so took the opportunity to get a distance run in and start to develop that routine and build the conditioning back up slowly.

This Saturday we have a timed run on a trail, time to get into nature!


Meeting Point: Sign of the Takahe

Start Time: 7.30am
Meeting Point: Sign of the Takahe, Hackthorne Road click here
Map of Run: Click here
Distance Options: Everyone running to time - 60mins

Safety Brief:

  1. On Harry Ell track, surfaces are uneven so please take extra care and watch your footing.

  2. Please be mindful of others using the track and keep left. Often there are people walking dogs not on leashes so please keep an eye out for small furry things ;o)

  3. If you choose to where a listening device please make sure you can hear your own surroundings.

  4. On Summit Road - please RUN SINGLE FILE and keep left! Watch out for cyclists and cars. When you get onto Summit Road if you are wearing a listening device, please turn it off so you can hear cars coming.

  5. Your safety is your own responsibility.

Course Description

Everyone is running to time. Please turn around at 35mins as the return will be faster.

  1. We will walk up to the the start of Harry Ell track on Dyers Pass Road. Take extreme care crossing over on the track. Once on the track, start your watches.

  2. Run up Harry Ell track to the top, at Summit Road, turn left and continue along Summit Road until your turnaround time.

  3. On Summit Road please make sure you can hear what is going on around you and KEEP LEFT - running as close to the side as possible.

  4. On your return, watch your footing and concentrate as the track is uneven.

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Get up to Five and Club10k

Our first Get up to Five and Club10k crews for 2019 start the week beginning 21 January 2019.

You can register via the websites now:


RaceTeam Wanaka 2019

RaceTeam Wanaka which starts on 28 January 2019. The Wanaka Half Marathon is on Saturday 6 April.

Earlybird closes in 1 week! You can register via the website now:


  • We are getting read to kick back into our programmes, the Extra Mile Runners team is ready to go!

  • We are looking forward to seeing lots of you back soon!!


Have a great week, see you soon!

The team at Extra Mile Runners. 

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