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RaceTeam - Week 4


WEEK 4 Newsletter

We are well underway

Week 4 includes a 10km race - time to test the intensity and fitness before we hit the long runs in your programme. 

You are doing well, focus on one session at a time and embrace this experience. Remember - every session counts and time will fly by, before you know it you will be at the start line of your race. 

This Week's Sessions




  • Saturday 23 February 7.30am
    Meeting Point:
    Map of Run: Click here

Course Description: 10km race
All roads are open, please run on the footpath at all times and stick to the road rules please! 

  • Continue along o 5km marker. Turn around and reverse the course. 


Iron deficiency in runners. This is more common than you think..particularly in female runners.

Have a read of this really interesting article, it outlines the symptoms and why it occurs frequently in runners. 

With your 10km race this weekend, we thought it was a good chance for you to see the world's best winning the 10km at the World Athletics Championships 2017.
Mo Farrah, check out his technique! A very exciting race ;o)

  • Track Sessions: Just a reminder to please pass on the outside if you are overtaking a slower runner. We all need to be considerate of each other - even if we are stuffed!

  • Please make sure you "check in" at each session with the coach taking the RaceTeam roll call, and on Saturday's please sign in on the table - so we know who is out on the course. 

  • Keep up the good work team. You are working hard in the key sessions - you are building strength and we can see the progress.

  • Remember the mantra - Consistency is Key.

  • Be kind to yourselves, your bodies are being tested - look after it with massage,  baths and stretching.

'Replace shoes at the first signs of wear. Get good padded socks for running. Vasaline up your feet to harden up your feet to stop getting blisters. Look after your feet especially check for calluses that may build up due to the added strain, pounding, new running shoes. Nothing worse than having a callous rip and split leaving you with an open sore on the ball of your foot! (on race day morning!).'
- Corinna

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