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RaceTeam - Week 3


WEEK 3 Newsletter


First of all, this week you will be joined by the Wanaka crew who have just had a week of recovery following their race a couple of weeks ago. Welcome back team!

Now, we are just about into Week 3 of the programme, you have found your feet, you are getting used to the track sessions and are finding your way with the Pace Session and Track Session. 

By now you will be finding your flow within the programme so it's a good time to remind yourself that we need to look after ourselves post training with good stretching, hydration and nutrition. All this stuff helps you perform at a higher level.

The other thing we want to stress is how important consistency is with this programme. It progresses each week and consistency is something that we can control - try your best to tick each session off, you will thank yourself on race day!   


Tuesday 11 April
Time: 7.10pm (1 hour)
Upstairs Room, Protocol Public House, 2 Colombo Street 

(For those of you in the evening group - just come straight after your session ;o))

This seminar will cover race day nutrition and race day planning. If you haven't been to this session before we strongly recommend you come along. You will then be able to take what you learn, apply and practice your nutrition and planning in the longer runs coming up in the programme. 




  • Saturday 15 April, 7.30am (Easter Weekend)
    Meeting Point: Sign of the Kiwi Summit Road (note - NOT Sign of the Takahe)
    Map of Run: Click here

Session Description:

Summit Road is open, please make sure you can hear what is going on around you at all times and be alert for cars and cyclists. Your safety is your own responsibility. 

  • Take EXTREME CARE crossing over Dyers Pass Road onto Summit Road from the Sign of the Kiwi. 
  • Once on Summit Road - follow Summit Road all the way until half way on your watches. 
  • Please keep left and you must be able to hear what is going on around you at all times as cars and cyclists go fast along this road. 
  • Please run no more than 2 abreast at any time.  
  • Everyone is running to time so please turn at half way on your watch. 

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Fuelling our body post long runs

In this week’s education we are covering what nutrition you should be putting into your bodies after the longer runs. This is an important part of your training as what you do post run will have an effect on how your body will recover and it’s performance over the following days. 

You want to refuel fast after a long run. Your body is very receptive to absorbing carbohydrates back into the muscles within 30mins of a long run. 

How much carbohydrate should you put into your bodies?
Ideally you want to get just a little bit less than your body weight in grams. For example: If you weigh 80kg you would aim to get around 75 grams of carbohydrate in. 

What carbohydrates should you be eating?
In this post run 30min block you are going for simple carbs, these are the more sweet based carbs like energy bars and sports drinks. 

You also want to get some protein in as this helps with the muscle repair process. There are some carb/protein drinks on the market that would be a good one-stop answer for the post run nutrition - or a banana smoothie. 

Within an hour of eating your post run snack you want eat a full meal. Aim for 4:1 carb-to-protein ratio here. Now you want the carbs to be complex carbs like rice, starchy vegetables (like potatoes). Mix this up with some lean meat and veges and you’ll be well on the way to being ready for your next session. 

And don't forget to re-hydrate with water!

There’s a lot more to running a half marathon than just pounding the pavement. Become great at planning nutrition around your key sessions so that you can refuel and start the repair process as soon as possible. This will increase the chance that you’re body will be in it’s best condition for your next run.

We will cover your race day nutrition in our seminar - details at the top of this newsletter. 

Yoga for Runners. Many of you have seen these videos before - but if you haven't tried them, give them a go! 

We all know that we need to stretch and keep our body flexible when we run to avoid injury, this is a great yoga sequence designed specifially for runners targeting hips, hamstrings and glutes - often tight and troublesome areas for runners. 

  • As we talked about in the video introduction seminar it's really important that you get to the physio asap if you have soreness that you feel is serious. 

  • Headlamps are Helpful!
    We recommend you get one, particularly for the morning crew for the dark morning sessions. You can buy them relatively inexpensively from Bunnings or The Warehouse (on the battery stand). 

  • It is early days in the programme - we have a wee way to go, so listen to your body. 

'One word - stretch". - Sarah Jamieson

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