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RaceTeam - Return Week 9


WEEK 9 Newsletter

We are getting close!

We are now in our silly season, that time in the programme where people lose focus. Every time we have a RaceTeam programme running we find that people lose focus in the last couple of weeks leading up to the race. Remember that this time is just about important as any other time in the programme.

We know that's it tempting to drop sessions because your longest run is over, but it's your job to keep to the programme 100%. It's all about being the best athlete you can be and the taper is a part of doing this. 

RaceTeam Wanaka 2016


Date: Sunday 4 June
Time: From 5.30pm
Venue: Upstairs function room, The Carlton

RSVP's close Wednesday 31 May
All the details about the function are here including how to RSVP:




  • Saturday 27 May, 7.30am
    Meeting Point: Opposite Zeroes Cafe: Click here
    Map of Run: Click here 
    (Note this map is for all our groups, you will be doing a portion of it).

    Course Description:
  • All roads are open, please be responsible for your own safety. 
  • Run along pathway towards Princess Margaret Hospital. At Ferniehurst St, turn right then first right into Ashgrove Tce. 
  • Follow the river all the way to Barrington St - cross over carefully and continue along the river to Colombo St. Cross over carefully. Follow the river, you are now on Waimea Terrace. 
  • Continue along Waimea Tce until you get to the bridge opp. Bowenvale Ave. Cross over this bridge and then turn right into Centaurus Rd. 
  • Run up Centaurus Road to your first right - Sloan Terrace. Turn right and run along Sloan Terrace. 
  • Follow the river all the way back around to Colombo Street - cross over carefully where indicated by our cones - follow our cones which will lead you to Ernlea Terrace. 
  • Run down Ernlea Terrace to the Ernlea Clark Reserve and run through the reserve (following the pathway beside the river). 
  • For those running 14km, the 7km marker will be just before you get to Barrington Street.
  • Turnaround at your half way marker and reverse the course back to the start. 

Click on image to enlarge



As runners we are pretty strong mentally; we run in the rain, we get up in the dark to train and at the end of the day when we are tired we still get our sessions done.

Prior to a race our brain can start to play tricks on us and we may start to feel very nervous and doubt can creep in. 

How can we use this nervous energy to our advantage?

  • Don't forget to RSVP to the Post Race Function. All the details are at the top of this newsletter.
  • Now is a good time to make sure you have all your gear for the race; nutrition, warm clothes/wet weather clothes..write a list and check it twice!
  • Extra Mile Runners T-shirt
    If you would like to buy one to wear on race day, click here for the options ;o)


RaceTeam Epic is the next RaceTeam for 2017 we will be training for the hill-based challenging  Extra Mile Runners Half Marathon which is on Saturday 2 September. 

RaceTeam Epic begins Monday 26 June and is a morning programme only. 
To find out more about RaceTeam Epic click here


'Stick to your programme and enjoy the will pay off on race day.'-  Sam Burgess

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