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RaceTeam - Return Week 5


WEEK 5 Newsletter

In it for the long run

Week 5 has a longer session on the Monday morning and Thursday evening Pace Session. The Monday morning crew has an early start and we have a 7am start on Saturday for everyone.  Please make sure you check out the session details below.

On Saturday we have our first long run, break the course down into small chunks and use this run to practice your race nutrition. 




  • Saturday 29 April
    Start Time: 7.00am *Note early start time
    Meeting Point: Opposite Zeroes Cafe, 81 Cashmere Road: Click here 
              Course Map: Click here  

    Session Description: 

  • From the start point opposite Zeroes Cafe, run along the pathway beside the river towards Princess Margaret Hospital.  

  • Continue along to Hoonhay Road and turn right. Run up Hoonhay Road to Rose Street and turn right. 

  • Run along Rose Street all the way up to Barrington Street and turn right. 

  • Run up Barrington Street to Ashgrove Terrace - CROSS OVER BARRINGTON ST CAREFULLY. Follow Ashgrove Terrace towards Colombo Street - and CROSS OVER CAREFULLY. 
  • Follow Waimea Terrace all the way along - which turns into Eastern Terrace - until you get to the footbridge at Malcolm Ave. Cross over the footbridge and turn right - running on the opposite side of the river back towards Centaurus Road. 
  • Follow the pathway beside the river all the way along Centaurus Road to Colombo St. At Colombo St turn right and run up to the pedestrian lights - CROSS OVER USING LIGHTS. Turn right and run up to Thorrington Road, turn left.
  • Follow Thorrington Road all the way along to Cashmere Road. Turn left. Follow Cashmere Road (crossing over Barrington St carefully). 
  • KM Markers out:  7km, 8.5km, 10km- just near the start/finish point
  • Out and back course for all. 

Click on image to enlarge

Water Station

There will be 1 x Water Station at the 7km marker (beginner turnaround).
Water will be provided at this station. Please carry any race nutrition you need with you.

For the Advanced programme running 20km, the 10km marker will be near the start/finish so you may want to leave your own water bottle at this point also. 


Recovery Strategies reminder

We are now heading in to the part of the programme where we are running longer. These endurance runs do increase the risk of injury so we need good recovery strategies for after our long runs.

In the Race Nutrition and Race Day Planning seminar seminar we talked about post run nutrition which is extremely important, along with good nutrition here are some tips for good recovery strategies to help your body recover quicker so you can prepare your body as best you can for your next session. 

1. Ice Bath
You know it - one of the best ways to aid recovery is a cold bath.

Cryotherapy ("cold therapy") constricts blood vessels and decreases metabolic activity, which reduces swelling and tissue breakdown. Once you are out of the cold water the underlying tissues warm up causing a return to faster blood flow. Basically, a cold bath will suppress inflammation. It also helps to flush out harmful metabolic debris out of your muscles.

2. Legs up the Wall
Lying on your back with your legs extended up the wall has several benefits and helps aid recovery in the following ways:
a) Gently stretches your hamstrings
b) Circulation: As your legs are higher than your heart, gravity can help the circulation of both blood and lymphatic fluid move back towards the upper body which helps rebalance after a long time on your feet. 

3. Get some protein in!
After your long runs have a protein snack at the ready - this helps your muscles rebuild. Examples of high protein food are: Protein shakes, chocolate milk, cottage cheese, almonds, eggs, peanut butter. low fat yoghurt. 

4. Re-hydrate
Your fluid stores will be depleted after our long runs so make sure you rehydrate with water for the following 24 hours post run. 

3. Rest and Reflect
Your body is going to be put under stress in these long runs. Whilst it is making you stronger, you will feel fatigued. Rest is key but also reflecting on your performance is important. Congratulate yourself after each of these intense should be proud of yourself. 

As we have our long runs coming up, this is a really nice post run recovery stretch sequence. 

  • For those of you who missed the Race Nutrition and Race Day Planning seminar last week:

  • Click here to get the notes from the seminar
    Click here to download the Race Day Planning template
    Click here for the list of Low Gi/High GI Foods that we talked about

  • Runners Tummy: one of the curses for runners. Click here for information on this annoying condition and a couple of tips that may help. 

'Ice, ice baby'-  Vanilla Ice

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