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RaceTeam Race Day

Extra Mile Runners Epic half marathon 2017

10 weeks ago you started your journey with RaceTeam now everything you have learnt is going to be tested. 
You have 2 more sleeps until the race so rest up if you can and mentally prepare for how you are going to approach the build up to the start line. There will be some tough moments in the race, so think about what you will do when you are confronting these.. get ready to embrace this challenge. Trust the programme, we can't wait to see you cross that finish line. 

Epic Half Marathon 2017: Saturday 2 september

Please make sure you have read the information about the Epic Half Marathon here, including the Safety Briefing.

Just a reminder to check the weather forecast for Saturday so you are well-prepared. Have layers and wet weather gear on standby just in case. Be warm before the run and have warm gear for afterwards.

Gear Check
Check your gear the night before - get everything ready so you are not running around on race day morning trying to find stuff. Go over your race plan (don't forget to tie your laces in double knots!) and relax ;o). 

Start Times:

We have staggered start times. Make sure you start at the time that is realistic. We won’t let you start if we feel you are starting in a group that is too slow for you ;o).

6.00am:  3hrs or over
(normal 1/2 marathon time: over 2hrs 40mins)

6.30am:  2hrs 20mins - 2hrs 45mins
(normal 1/2 marathon time: between 1hr 50mins - 2hrs 40mins)

7.00am:  Under 2hrs 15mins
(normal 1/2 marathon time: Under 1hr 50mins)

Warm Up:
We will send you off on a quick warm up before you start and make sure you have warm gear on while you wait around for the race to start. 

Post Race:


Be Warm and re-fuel

You will cool down pretty quickly after your race so make sure you have warm, dry gear to get changed into. Also have some good, healthy post race nutrition at the ready - hydrate and have some protein (muscle repair). Eggs, bananas, protein shakes, nuts are all good choices. 


We have massage students coming from the New Zealand School of Massage to the Epic Half Marathon. They will be set up at the finish line ready and waiting for you! 
If you would like a 10min flush massage - just bring a gold coin as a donation to them and go and say hi!

Epic Post Race Part-aay

Date: Saturday 2 September
Venue: The Librabry Bar, No 4 Merivale
Time:  From 5.30pm
RSVP: If you haven't already, please RSVP here:

Contact Us

If you need to contact Jo or Bevan on race day, here are their mobile numbers:
Jo: 021 903388
Bevan: 021 869086

Post Race Tips

After we finish a race we are on a high and sometimes we forget to look after our bodies post race.
Here are some tips for after your race that will help you to recover as best you can:

  • Have warm gear for immediately after your run
  • Have some protein ready for after your run to assist with muscle repair (protein shake, banana)
  • Rehydrate (preferably with water ;o))
  • Have a cold bath or hose your legs down when you get home to assist with blood flow to the areas that need repair
  • Stretch, legs up the wall
  • Enjoy the feeling of what you have just achieved
  • Celebrate!

Use good recovery strategies in the days following your race. Your body will be put under stress so it needs time to recover. Go for some walks in the week following and continue to stretch. 

Bring it on team!!!

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