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WLG Week 8


WEEK 8 Newsletter

The Final run is here

It's the final week, the countdown is on. We know you can do it, now it is time for you to achieve this goal! This is also the time to enjoy all the work you have done over the last 8 weeks, you deserve to pat yourself on the back, we are so proud of you!


After your Final Run we would love to catch up with you for coffee at Poneke on Clyde Quay Wharf - all the details and to RSVP.
                  Please: Click here

Watch your Week 8 Meeting with Coach Bevan:

This week's sessions

  • Monday 21 August, 6.10am
    Meeting Point: Waitangi Park (Herd Street end), Wellington CBD. Click here
    Course Map: Click here

  • Wednesday 23 August,  6.10am
    Meeting Point: Waitangi Park (Herd Street end), Wellington CBD. Click here
    Course Map: Click here

  • Saturday 26 August, 7:30am
    Final 5km Run!!
    Meeting Point: Waitangi Park (Te Papa end of Waitangi Park*), Wellington CBD
    Click here
    Course Map: Click here
    There will be no coaches, it will be about you doing it by yourself. Bring it on!

    *Note: the meeting point is at the Te Papa end of Waitangi Park

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What Next?
If you would like to keep your routine up and take your running to the next level, our next programmes start next week!.  The early bird rates for these groups expired last night but as normal, as you are part of the the Extra Mile Runners team we want to give you access to these registration rates below. 

If you haven't already registered - and would like to join Get up to Five or Club10k, please use the links below to register to get the early bird registration fees:

Get up to Five Early Bird: 
8 x weekly payments $33.62: Click here
1 Full payment $269.00: Click here

Club10k Early Bird: 
8 x weekly payments $33.62: Click here
1 Full payment $269.00: Click here

These early bird rates are only available via these links will expire end of day Saturday 26 August so if you do want to register, please do it before then!  


90% of the work is done. This time next week you will be getting ready to run the whole distance. By now you have done just about all the physical work that you need to do in preparation for the 5k run so now we want to address what to do next week to help be successful on Saturday morning:

  • Keep to the programme. While you are close you still haven't finished, keep ticking those sessions off right up until Saturday.
  • Have an early night next Friday. 
  • Devote some time over the next week to sit down and reflect on what you have learnt about yourself over the last 8 weeks. While we love that you are going to be running 5k or 10km next weekend if you go back to your old habits once it has finished the programme it would have been a wasted opportunity. Over the last 8 weeks you have learnt many lessons about how to be successful with exercise and how to include it in your life. By reflecting on these you can take them forward into whatever your next challenge might be. 
  • While you have not yet achieved the final finish line feeling, start to think about what you want to aim for next. The biggest mistake people make when they achieve a big goal is to not reset a new one quickly after completion. By planting the seed now you will be keeping yourself on track to keep exercise a part of your life for the long term. 
  • Share your experience with others. You should be proud of what you have achieved over the last eight weeks. Make sure you share the positive stuff with someone who you feel comfortable with. 

Next weekend you are going to be achieving a massive thing. Allow yourself some time this week to remind yourself of all the progress you have made, you guys really have been awesome.

We take our Half marathon group - raceteam to wanka each year for the wanaka half marathon. over 30 of our raceteam'ers stared with get up to five just like you. Here is a video clip we made of the race - showing our  runners having a blast!

  • You are so close team..finish this off strong!

  • Coach Rach will be taking photos on the run day so bring your smile ;-)  

'When the runs got longer I would give myself time markers to tell myself I was doing well. For example during the 15min sets I would tell myself I was doing well every 5mins.' - Anne Sweetman

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