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Get up to Five WLG - You Did It!


5km & 10KM done & dusted

Well done team, we are so proud of you!

You have given 8 weeks of commitment, focus and training and you took on the final challenge of your final run. Congratulations to you all - make sure you take take time to look at how far you have come, think back to that very first session!

Extra Mile Runners Legends, October 2017 ;o)

Extra Mile Runners Legends, October 2017 ;o)


Rachel took some photos, you can check them out below ;o)


An important way for us to get the message out to people about what we do at Extra Mile Runners are through your testimonials. If you feel like it and have the time, we would appreciate it if you could email us through a testimonial about your experience. You can email this through to Jo.


You have developed a routine with your running and we would love to see you keep it up. It is a good time to reflect on how far you have come and the impact running regularly has had on your life.

It is normal to feel a little "flat" after a goal is reached, so it is important to reset quickly and develop a plan for the next period.

Do you want to keep running with your Extra Mile Runners team?

If you would like to keep your routine up and take your running to the next level, our next programmes start this week!.  If you haven't already registered - and would like to join Get up to Five or Club10k, please use the links below to register to get the early bird registration fees:

Get up to Five Early Bird: 
8 x weekly payments $33.62: Click here
1 Full payment $269.00: Click here

Club10k Early Bird: 
8 x weekly payments $33.62: Click here
1 Full payment $269.00: Click here

If you won't be continuing with us, here are a couple of tips that may help you to keep up good habits with your running:

  • Try and stick to a routine of getting out the door 3 times a week. This may be for a light run, or a walk with a friend, the aim is to get your shoes on 3 times a week. 
  • Get friends and family involved. You have proven that running with a group has made you successful - how can you set this up so that you can use this tool to keep moving?
  • Plan ahead. You know that planning ahead helps get out the door and do a session so how can you plan 3 sessions a week into your life over this time? 
  • Mother Nature. Get out and spend time in nature! Going for a walk or run in a beautiful place can be one of the most rewarding things you can do ;o)
  • Re-set your goal.  
  • Look after yourself. If you have had niggles or injuries, now is the perfect time to sort them out! Yoga, stretch, massage and all that good stuff in preparation for your next goal.


On behalf of all the team at Extra Mile Runners thank you for being awesome, we feel really privileged to see you at your best, and we love how you embraced this experience. We hope to see you soon. 


Rach, Hazel, Lua, Bex, Jordan, Adam, Larna, Sam, Jo and Bevan
The team at Extra Mile Runners ;o)

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