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Get up to Five - WLG Final Run


Your final run is here

8 weeks ago you started on this running journey - it has gone so quickly!

For those of you who were new to Extra Mile Runners, there were some nerves and apprehension at the start, but once you met the group and got to know each other you discovered pretty quickly the supportive environment you were stepping into - now look how far you have come!

For those of you who have done our programmes before and who have been part of the Extra Mile Runners team for a while, we want to thank you for helping us embrace our new runners and for sharing your support and experience with them. It is now your turn to put into practice the experience and lessons you have learnt since you started with Extra Mile Runners and achieving your own goal to the best of your ability.

This has been a journey that has developed friendships, created belief in your ability and has hopefully given you a taste of the buzz of running. We hope you are proud of what you have achieved yourselves, but we have to say, our team is incredibly proud of you all. 

Bring it on. 


Final Run Coffee

Date: Saturday 12 May
Time: 8.45am - 10.00am
Venue: Poneke Mojo, Clyde Quay Wharf
Hopefully after your final run you can pop in for a quick coffee before you start your weekend.


Saturday 12 May
Start Time: 7.30am
Meeting Point: Waitangi Park (Te Papa end), click here 
Click here for an image of the start point location

Map of Final Run: Click here
The 5km course is an out and back, with the turnaround point at 2.5km
The 10km course is 2 laps of this course. Leave your drink bottle at the start/finish so you can grab it as you head out for your second lap. 

 Course Map: Click on image to enlarge

Course Map: Click on image to enlarge

  • Bring it on team - we can't wait to see you cross that finish line. 
  • Focus on the end goal this Saturday - we can't wait!

Next Programmes

It is normal to feel a little "flat" after a goal is reached, so it is important to reset quickly and develop a plan for the next period.

Our next programmes start this coming week which means you can keep the routine in place and continue your running development. 

To register for Get up to Five or Club10k, please use the earlybird links below (via Paypal credit card or debit card): 

Get up to Five Earlybird:
1 payment of $279
8 x payments of $34.87

Club10k Earlybird
1 payment of $279
8 x payments of $34.87

Registrations will close on Monday 14 May so please register before then!
If you would prefer to pay by direct bank transfer please email us and we will look after you. 


This is our 10km group and also an 8 week programme. We start to introduce intensity to your running and look to push you a bit more during your sessions, we do this by adding an interval session to your training on Wednesday mornings and your Monday session is a K Repeat Session with a strength circuit. Your Saturday sessions are mostly to distance. 

To give you an idea of your first Saturday distance run, it is:
Jog 3.5km walk 5min x 2

If you are still unsure about to do next - get in touch with us and we can guide you! We would love to see you back ;o)

Get up to Five - Return Level
The Get up to Five Return programme is more continuous running and starts to introduce some faster running within your session and there are no walk sets. On Saturday's we start to get you running to distances and we build you up to running 8km. 

You continue doing the strength circuit at the start of the sessions as this increase in strength will help build you safely and condition your body in a gradual way for more "time on feet" running. The Final Run is 5km, but your aim is to improve your time with introducing some intensity.

'Give it heaps! You are awesome, we are so proud of you all' 
- The EMR Coaching team

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