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Coaches Information

coaches information

This area is dedicated to our coaches, it has all the key information and administration documents you need. 


We have a Google Drive account for our coaching team. the coaches timetable is located here along with other coaching documents.

To access: Login here

Username: runningdocs
Password: running246


We will let you know in the Coaches email when we need you to complete the coaches timetable. 
The Coaches timetable is saved in the Coaches Google Drive account


We are committed to providing our coaches a safe environment to perform coaching duties. 

Please take time to read the below documents around our Health and Safety Policy and emergency procedures:

Health and Safety Policy

Hazards you will be exposed to when coaching

Accident/Incident Emergency Procedures

Accident/Incident Reporting Form

Accident/Incident Register


Weekday session: $50.00

Saturday session:

- Up to 60mins $50
- 60mins-90mins $70
- 90mins-120mins $80
-Over 120mins $90

If you are head coach and put out the course, you can charge up to $150.00 (depending on the size of the course).

You can invoice us at any time for your coaching time. Please email your invoice to and it will be paid to you the following Thursday. Below is an invoice template you can download. 

Coaches Invoice Template


This is your session bible. It outlines all the session details for each group in each session week to week. 

Jo creates this manual and uploads it to Google Drive. She will email the team to let you know when it is available. It is up to you as a coach to know what is happening at each session


We take a roll call at each weekday session via an App on an android phone. We give you a phone with this app loaded.  
In the Coaches Email that is sent out each week (on a Tuesday), it will outline who is to take the roll all at that week's sessions. 

Key things to remember:

  • When new groups start, Jo creates new roll calls so will ask the coaching team to "Reload Documents" periodically when new groups start. This will update your roll all list. Note: You do not need to do this at the beginning of each session, it is only when new groups start.

  • Please REFRESH your roll call at the beginning of each session to ensure you have the latest version.

  • Please keep your phone charged ;o)

  • Always "Refresh" the roll call you are taking before the session starts so you are updating the latest roll call for that group

Uninstall/Reinstall Video - if it all turns to custard and the Refresh/Upload Documents doesn’t work, we need to do a complete reinstall on your phone:


Once a year we have a Coaches Training Day. We all get together and go over coaching techniques, guidelines and have a chance to make sure we are all on the same page with out coaching advice so we are delivering a consistent experience for our runners.
The Technique manual that we have developed as a team is available in Google Drive.

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