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Club10k - Week 8


WEEK 8 Newsletter

It's 10km week

It's crazy how fast time goes.  At first the increase in distance was a concern for some of you but you quickly overcame this, then the intensity came. As time has progressed - so have you and it has been awesome to watch. 

Next week you get to enjoy the fruits of your labour, you get to take on your best 10k challenge. All we can say is bring it on!

REMINDER: Post Final RUn celebration

Date: Saturday 16 March
Time: 9.15am - 10.30am
Venue: Retropolitan Social Club (the old Cargo Bar), 359 Lincoln Road
There is parking onsite

A chance for the team to catch up over a coffee after your final run, do some reflection work and also look at the plan going forward for your running. You will also get your medal for completing your 10km. Our returning Club10k runners also get a medal if you have not received one before.



Final 10km Run: Click on image to enlarge


  • Saturday 16 March 7:30am
    Final 10km Run
    Meeting Point: Deans Ave side of South Hagley Park.
    Click here for Meeting Point
    Map of Final Run: Click here

    This is an out and back course to a 5km marker. 

    We will set you off on a warm up and then we'll start you off on your 10km run. There will be no coaches, it will be about you doing it by yourself. Bring it on!

    Note: If you feel the run is going to take you longer than 1 hour 15mins we are going to start you off at 7am. Please only do this if you are going to take more than 1hour 15mins. 

What next?



Our next Club10k programme starts 18 March, the week following your final run.   We would love to see you back! Registrations are open now:


RaceTeam Christchurch 2019

Our next RaceTeam is RaceTeam Christchurch which is training for the Christchurch Half Marathon (2 June).

RaceTeam starts 25 March so you would have 1 week off in between your final run for you current programme and RaceTeam starting.
We would love to help you train for your half marathon!

Saturday Runners

Saturday Runners is our regular Saturday morning running group and ensures you get 1 group session in a week around your own training. Saturday Runners continues right through Christmas and New Year.

All the details for Saturday Runners are here: 


With our 10k run happening next weekend it's time to think about everything that you have learnt over the last 8 weeks. While you have conditioned your body to run the distance you have also learnt a lot about how to be successful in the mind game when running.

In this week's education section we ask you five questions that will help put your mind in the right place for next weekend's run.  

  1. If you were to have had a great run where you achieved what you wanted to achieve, what would you be telling yourself that you had done well during the run?

  2. What are the areas that the coaches have told you to focus on when you are running and how can you remind yourself of these during the 10k run, especially when things are getting hard?

  3. Look back over the last 8 weeks, what did you do well when you had a great session and how can you bring that into the 10k run?

  4. To be successful on Saturday morning you need make sure you have perfect preparation. What are the things you need to plan to be totally prepared for both the physically and mental side of the run?

  5. Ask yourself: Why and I'm doing this and why do I enjoy it?

By spending some time thinking about these questions you will be preparing your mind to make good decisions before and during your run next weekend. Now all you need to remember is to smile when you cross the line ;-) 

This is what it's all about at Extra Mile Runners. A community of people brought together by one common goal - running - to improve our ourselves both physically and mentally with a few laughs along the way! Thank you for being part of our team. 

  • You are so close team..finish this off strong!

  • We will be taking lots of photos on the run day so bring your smile ;-)

'Make sure you get to bed early on Friday nights. You will suffer in the run if you don't' - Sue

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