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Club10k - Week 7 Return


WEEK 7 Newsletter

The Home Straight Team!

In just over a week from now many of you will facing your longest run in the programme, this is the last hurdle to overcome before the 10k run day.

As you have progressed through this Club10k programme (and many of you the Get up to Five programme as well) you have learnt success strategies that help you overcome big challenges. When we hit this long run make sure you have put all of what you have learnt into place, by doing this you will have a much higher chance of having a run that you are happy with. 

You are so close ;-)  

 Your team is behind you 100%!!

Your team is behind you 100%!!




  • Saturday 5 May 7.30am
    Meeting Point: Opp. Zeroes, 81 Cashmere Road
    Map of Run: Click here
    This map is for all of our groups, you will be doing a portion of this course.

    Course Description:
    All roads are open, please run on the footpath at all times and be aware ofyour surroundings. Stick to the road rules 100% team!

  • This is an out and back course for all runners
  • From the start point, run towards Barrington Street, cross over carefully.
  • Run through Ernlea Clark Reserve (staying on the path that runs beside the river)coming out onto Ernlea Tce. Run up to Colombo Street. 
  • Cross over carefully and run down Hunter Terrace (the street that follows the river behind the library). 
  • Continue following the river river on your left) all the way around Hunter Tce and Sloan Tce coming out onto Centaurus Road. TURN LEFT. 
  • Run along Centaurus Road until the next street on your left (bridge). Turn left then take first left into Waimea Terrace. You are now running on the opposite side of the river - river is on your left.
  • Continue along the river all the way back to Colombo Street - cross over carefully. Run down Ashgrove Terrace crossing over Barrington Street carefully. 
  • Continue along Ashgrove Terrace until the small footbridge (past the start/finish point which will be on the opposite side of the river). 
  • Cross over the footbridge, turn left and run back to the start. 
  • Those running 14km, when you are back at the start point (7km), turn around and REVERSE the course (do not do laps).
  • KM markers out:  4.5km, 6km, 7km

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Side Stitch - the runners curse!

This is an interesting article with a couple of tips on how to treat/prevent this annoying condition that most of us experience at some stage. 

We love this video, there are some great quotes in here. 

  • Post Final Run Coffee
    After your final run we have arranged a post run coffee at Coffee Culture on Lincoln Road. Please click here to find out more.

Next Programmes:

Some of you have been asking about the next group start dates. 


Our next Club10k programme for 2018 starts the week following your Final Run, the week beginning 14 May and we would love to see you back!


You can register via the website:  
Registrations close on 14 May, so please register before the group starts. 

'Focus on your own achievement and don’t compare yourself to others in the group.' – Frances

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