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Club10k - Return Week 2


WEEK 2 Newsletter

Therese finishing her 10km run last Saturday

how are you going to improve?

Now that you are back with Club10k we know that you will be looking for different types of challenges. In this week's education we give you something to think about in this area, it's all about you going to the next level ;-)




  • Saturday 4 November, 7:30am
    Meeting Point: McCormacks Bay Reserve Click here
    Map of Run: Click here  
    (Note this map is for all our groups, you will be doing a portion of it).

    Course Description:
    All roads are open, please run on the footpath at all times and stick to the road rules 100%. Your safety is your own responsibility. 
  • Starting at McCormacks Bay Reserve, cross over safely at the start and run around McCormacks Bay Road towards Ferrymead. 
  • At Main Road, cross over McCormacks Bay Road carefully and run along Main Road beside the Estuary towards Redcliffs. 
  • AtBeachville Road entrance off Main Road - cross over carefully and turn left, then first right into Beachville Road and follow Beachville Road all the way around back onto Main Road. 
  • Once back onto Main Road, turn left and follow the water all the way out to Sumner.
  • KM markers out for you: 3km, 3.5km, 5km

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Extra Mile Runners tshirt sale

Tshirt image smaller.jpg

When: This Saturday, 4 November (end of the session)
Where: McCormacks Bay Reserve (at the end of the session)
What: Extra Mile Runners BRANDED ADIDAS TSHIRTS for $20 (retail normally $40)
Cash Only

Summers coming team - we can ditch the thermals and break out the tshirts!


Reminder about intensity

This is a good time to remind yourself about the intensity scale that you have within yourself. 

1. When our body has to train at a higher level of intensity it has a positive training effect on our physiology. With the heart and muscles working at a higher level your body has positive stresses put on it which causes it to create change to adapt. This intensity helps to deliver better results in many different areas. 

2. When you train with intensity you are developing your mental strength. Some people think mental strength is something that you are born with but it's not. Like any skill, mental strength is a learned behaviour and it is something that is developed over time through experiencing and overcoming the correct level of adversity based on your current ability. Developing this strength has many benefits but one of the best ones is that it creates a strong belief in what you can achieve. 

So while intensity is great for you and your body, here are some reminders about intensity in your programme: 

  • The track sessions are your main intensity sessions.
    Make this a focus for these sessions.  
  • Work at the right intensity. The different groups are aiming for different levels but as you have done this before, you should have an idea of what your level is. In the first couple of weeks you may go too hard or not hard enough but try to figure out quickly the level you should be working. 
  • While you know the intense sessions are more challenging you still need to achieve them. If you find they aren't you need to back off. 
  • Try to further 'learn yourself'. In these track sessions we want to help you learn strategies that will make you successful under adversity. Each time you are feeling outside your comfort zone think of what you are doing mentally and physically to create success and then try to duplicate and evolve your success formular. Intensity has so much value to it but we can't have it scaring you off from training. 


Runners Tummy

We have had a couple of our runners ask us about this condition...a very common and uncomfortable condition for runners.

We created this below document that we gave to our RaceTeam crew in Christchurch before they started their training for their half marathon race, but a lot of the information in here may help if you do suffer from Runners Tummy. 

Running in the rain - sometimes these are the most rewarding sessions. 

  • In the video seminar we talked about how important it is to get to the physio asap if you have soreness that you feel is serious. 

  • If you aren't on our Facebook page yet make sure you get on there! This way you guys can keep in touch with each other, here's the page

  • The Queenstown International Marathon is taking place 18 November and the Queenstown events team have offered our Extra Mile Runners who are doing a programme with us and training for either the 10km, half or full marathon a 20% discount on your race registration which is pretty awesome!

    This is only available to Extra Mile Runners who are training with us for this race so to get the details, please email Jo and she will look after you.

'Listen to your body, don't be afraid to stop and stretch.' - Anna Dick

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