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It's more than just running!
In designing Club10k our coaching team sat down and thought about what it takes to create an environment that makes people successful in running 10k.

We took the lessons we learnt from our other running programmes Get up to Five, Saturday Runners and RaceTeam, and brought these into this programme. We know that for you to be successful you need motivation, education, support and it needs to be fun. Do you feel you could be successful if you had these? 

Club10k is available in Christchurch and Wellington.

Before we get into the finer details here's a quick overview: Club10k is an 8 week group training programme that educates you, inspires you and supports you to achieve the goal of running 10k to the best of your ability.  

There are 3 levels to choose from: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.


  • There are 3 group training sessions per week, you can choose to train in the mornings or evenings during weekdays, the session options are:


  • Morning Group:
    6.10am: Monday and Wednesday
    and Saturday morning 7.30am 
  • Evening Group:
    5.40pm: Tuesday and Thursday
    and Saturday morning 7.30am.

    The weekday sessions are always at Hagley Park, the Saturday session will be at different locations each week.


  • This is a morning programme only in Wellington.
    6.10am: Monday, Waitangi Park
    6.10am: Wednesday, Waitangi Park
    7.30am: Saturday morning, location changes weekly
  • All of the weekday sessions are up to 60 minutes in duration. As the programme progresses, some of the Saturday sessions may go over 60 mins. 
  • In total there are 24 group sessions. The programme will require that you do or either one or two extra sessions on your own a week (depending on which programme level you choose) but we have made sure these are the lighter sessions. 
  • The group sessions are designed so everyone knows what is required before they start. The coaches will be at each to offer support, technique advice and motivation.


  • All of the sessions will be run by some of Christchurch and Wellington's top athletes/coaches. Check out our coaching team here
  • Each week you will receive a weekly newsletter that will provide you with tips, education, session details and maps of that week's runs.  
  • We send you an Introduction Video before we start that gives an overview of the programme, key information and session logistics - everything you need to know before we start.
  • You may find that the most support you get is from your Club10k crew themselves. You all have a common goal you are working towards and will share some of the same experiences week to week. The friendships you will build will be amazing and will be an important part of you being successful. 



Week beginning Monday 27 August

REGISTRATIONSwill open mid July


NEXT Christchurch Club10k STARTS:

Week beginning Monday 27 August

REGISTRATIONS will open mid July

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section for more information and remember that if you have any questions that we haven't covered here you can email us at any time, click here. 

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